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W4 Instructions

Step 1  Read all instructions given on the W-4 carefully before completing the form.

Step 2  Complete numbers 1-4.  Please use your permanent address.

Before completing numbers 5-7, please read the following guidelines to help you determine your correct filing status

Full-time students are not automatically exempt.
Foreign students are not automatically exempt.

If you are dependent (being claimed on your parents’ or guardians’ income tax) and will not make more than $650 for the current year from all jobs during the period between January 1 to December 31, then you can claim exempt.

If you have a J-1 or F-1 visa and you provide the Payroll Office with a photocopy of this document, then you can claim exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes.                    
If you are not claiming exempt, you must enter a number on line 5.  For example,

Zero (0) dependents – maximum taxes will be deducted.
One (1) dependent – fewer taxes will be deducted.

As the number of dependents claimed increases, the less tax is deducted.  The worksheet on the W-4 form will help you determine the correct number of allowances if you do not claim exempt.

Step 3  Complete the numbers 5-7, then sign and date the form.

Step 4  Submit the completed W-4 to you supervisor for processing.