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I-9 Form Instructions

I-9 Form Instructions         
(Employment Eligibility Verification Form)

Federal immigration law requires employers to verify that all new employees are eligible to work in the United States. This law applies to everyone regardless of whether you are a citizen, resident alien, or foreign student. Every employee must have an I-9 on file in the Payroll Office.

The I-9 form should be completed with Payroll before beginning work, OR Section 1 must be completed on the first day of work, and you must meet with Payroll within three business days from your first day of work to complete section 2 (with original acceptable documents) to comply with the requirements of the law. Once completed, the I-9 is valid as long as there has not been a break in employment of greater than one year. When in doubt, it is always best to fill out a new I-9.

Step 1: On or before the first day of work complete the top section of the I-9. Use your permanent address. Sign and date the form.

Step 2: Bring your original documents when meeting with Payroll. A list of acceptable identification documents is listed on the last page of the I-9 form or can be given to you in Payroll. Make sure to bring the necessary identification documents needed from home.

Step 3: Payroll will use your identification documents to complete Section 2 and certify the form.

Note: If you have a document from List A, such as a United States Passport or Alien Registration Card, no other identification is needed. If you do not have a document from List A, you will then have to show one document from List B and one from List C. For example, List B documents include your school ID card or a driver’s license and List C includes a birth certificate or a social security card, among other documents.