Public Art Committee

Public Art Committee
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Public Art Committee Bylaws


a. Three faculty 

b. Two students 

c. Three staff members – one each from the Dorsky Museum of Art, the Development Office, and Design and Construction 

d. Dean of the School of Fine & Performing Arts 


Each member of the Public Art* committee will be appointed by the SUNY New Paltz President. 



The Public Art Committee will encourage the placement of art on campus and is the first point of contact and consultative body for art proposals in Public Spaces.**



  • The committee will establish and publish procedures for soliciting, receiving and reviewing proposals for Public Art in Public Spaces. 
  • The committee will work to encourage art on campus and will proactively seek out artists and collaborators for new projects. 
  • The committee will review unsolicited proposals for the installation of artwork from students, faculty, staff, alumni and other persons or groups that are in any way affiliated with the campus. 
  • The committee may choose to work with select applicants to strengthen proposals and, where appropriate, guide applicants to potential funding sources if needed. 
  • The committee will establish procedures for determining the duration of installations, and will make recommendations to cabinet regarding issues of ownership, maintenance, and storage, and other issues which may arise. 
  • The committee will be consultative and engage with key stakeholders and our community at large to receive feedback regarding proposals and placement. 
  • Short-term projects that are ephemeral in nature, on display for under a week, and not affixed to campus property will be subject to an abbreviated approval process. 
  • The committee shall agree by simple majority on moving a proposal forward for cabinet approval. Proposals that have been denied by the committee will not move forward to cabinet. 


* “Public Art” at SUNY New Paltz is considered to be permanent, long-term, or short-term installations in what we describe as “Public Spaces”.  “Public Art” does not include temporary exhibits installed in permanent galleries or display cases or exhibits that are part of a classroom or curricular project.


** “Public Spaces” refers to exterior sites to SUNY New Paltz buildings and interior spaces that serve as common areas or reception areas for the public.