Orientation & Advisement 2021

Freshmen Information About Math Placement

Welcome to SUNY-New Paltz!  On behalf of the Department of Mathematics at SUNY New Paltz, congratulations on choosing a great institution. This letter contains important information regarding the recommended math placement assessment that all incoming first-year students should take before registering for classes. The due date for this assessment is January 12, 2021.

Why the ALEKS PPL:

  • All students at SUNY-New Paltz are required to have college credit for at least one math course regardless of their intended major. The course(s) you take will depend largely on your major and your skill level. In order to place each student in a mathematics course at an appropriate skill level, we REQUIRE all incoming first-year students to complete the ALEKS PPL assessment.
  • This assessment is strictly for placement purposes. It is used to assign each student a Math Placement Level (MPL). It does not count for a grade and should not be something you stress about.  An accurate assessment of your mathematical skills and abilities will help to insure your success here at New Paltz.
  • You should still complete the online ALEKS assessment even if you took AP courses or college courses for credit while you were in high school. If you are bringing in math credits through AP courses or University in High School, those credits my potentially override your ALEKS score.  We will not know until you have them sent to us and we can assess them.  You must still complete the online ALEKS math assessment.
  • You can access the ALEKS PPL through your my.newpaltz.edu account. Simply click on the “Announcements” tab, select the link that says “Math Placement/ALEKS PPL” and follow the instructions.  The assessments are to be done without using any outside resources or assistance.

Taking the ALEKS:

  • It is recommended that you log in and complete your initial assessment as soon as possible because now through January 12, 2021 is the only time the ALEKS assessment will be available to you. If you would like to improve your ALEKS score, you may complete the assessment again for a second and even third time if you’d like. There is a Prep & Learning Module that will help you to improve your skills in between assessments. You should take advantage of this.
  • When you have finished, please look at the list of courses that are available to you based on your ALEKS score. The list can also be found by clicking the link below. If you are pleased with your score, no further action is required.

After Taking the ALEKS:

  • Your highest score will determine your MPL, which will then be used to select appropriate courses for your Spring 2021 schedule. Students who do not complete the ALEKS assessment by January 12, 2021 may be assigned the lowest MPL. Once your Math Placement Level has been determined, the ONLY way to change it is through successful completion of appropriate college courses.

More information about ALEKS PPL can be found at:  http://www.newpaltz.edu/math/placement.html

If you have any questions, I can be reached at vanpelta@newpaltz.edu.  Again, congratulations on choosing SUNY-New Paltz!  I look forward to celebrating your many successes over the few four years.


Amy Van Pelt,
Math Placement Coordinator