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MBA/Business Executive Mentor Program

Committed to providing our students with opportunities to network and find support during their studies, The School of Business is pleased to offer the MBA/Business Executive Mentor program. We welcome both business executives and MBA students to participate in this innovative program.

We hope that both business executives and MBA students will receive mutual benefits from this experience. The MBA Student/Business Executive Mentor relationship can have many benefits such as providing a place for learning to take place outside the classroom through real-world experience. It also allows students to begin establishing a network outside of the University with someone with shared interests and professional experience. Business executives continue to find this to be a personally rewarding experience by assisting students in achieving their goals and by providing support, encouragement, guidance, and a positive role model to our MBA students.

We value your feedback and hope that you share your ideas if you see ways that we can improve this program.

Program Objectives

  • Provide a link between current MBA students and business executives that provides meaningful support to the student and a rewarding relationship for the business executive.
  • Provide a vital link between the department and business executive so the department can obtain stakeholder feedback in efforts leading to continuous improvement of programs.
  • Provide a link to potential internships or job placement opportunities at companies where business executives are employed.
  • Strengthen recruitment efforts by maintaining relationships with business executives.
  • Provide and maintain a positive link between business executives and the School of Business and the University.

Overall Program Guidelines

Business executive mentors and MBA student participants will all be on a voluntary basis.

  • Business executive/mentee meet or speak a minimum of three times a year - once during the fall, once during the spring, and once during the summer. Topics to discuss include: current concentration and reasons for choosing them, course load, work experience, internship opportunities, time-management skills, and general advice.
  • At the end of the year the business executive and mentee decide if they wish to continue to work together or can choose to work with someone else.

Time Frame
The program begins in the fall semester and ends the following fall semester. At the end of the year, the mentor and student decide if they wish to continue for another year or if they would like to work with someone else the following year.

Information Form
Please complete the information form so that we can better match you with a mentee/mentor.We are especially seeking high-level business executives with substantial experience and education, preferably to the MBA level.
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Program Administrator
Aaron Hines
Director of MBA Program & International Projects
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State University of New York at New Paltz
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