MAT Adolescence Education: English

The MAT is the ideal career pathway for the next generation of caring, critical, and reflective English teachers.

The best English teachers strengthen the connections among their students, and between their students and the world at large. They support students’ imagination and critical thinking through the study of literature and media, and they support the development of students’ voices through speaking, listening, and writing. The gifts of an outstanding English teacher are a lifelong love of reading and writing along with the skills to make a difference in the world.

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MAT Adolescence Education: English

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Program Information:

Lakisha Odlum, Assistant Professor or 845-257-3114

Admission Information:

Alana Matuszewski, Director of Graduate Admission or (845) 257-3285




Admission to the MAT program in English requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in English. In addition to Composition 1 and 2* (or the equivalent), your transcript will need to include at least 30 credits of coursework in the following areas:

Foundational Courses

• A sophomore seminar (or equivalent) in literary analysis, research, and criticism

• Introduction to British Literature

• Introduction to American Literature

• Transnational Literature or Multiethnic & Diasporic Literature

History of The English Language and Linguistic Courses

• Development of Modern English or Introduction to Linguistics

Literacy Criticism

• Junior/Senior-level course in Literary Criticism or Contemporary Literary Theory

Upper-Division English Electives

• 300-400 level courses in Shakespeare, Young Adult Literature, Major Authors, etc.


Students may also include no more than six credits from the following types of writing courses toward the thirty credit requirement:

• Advanced Rhetoric

• Expository Writing

• Creative Writing

• The Craft of Poetry

• Journalism

• Theories of Writing

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in English, we may be able to count up to six credits of coursework from related majors (journalism, communications, theater arts) toward your degree. In order to pursue an MAT without a bachelor’s degree in English, you will need to complete coursework in the above areas before you can apply. Please consult with the Program Coordinator to make a plan for completing these prerequisite courses.

* A grade of B or better is required for the Composition courses.