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Testimonials from the International Student Union (ISU)







"Hello! My name is Jesse (he/him), and I am a member of ISU's elected eboard.
Throughout our meetings from the last few weeks, I have been able to expand not only my social circle and
meet a new and diverse group of people,but expand my cultural knowledge. 

ISU has been a great opportunity to learn and seek new friends from other parts of the world,
and has contributed to my love of language.

As a Linguistics (and French) major, I love learning about those cultures and languages that differ vastly from my own,
and ISU has been able to provide that for me.

The club also provides a casual, friendly, and open environment that welcomes its members'
questions' and feedback as a place to grow and evolve culturally.

Worldliness is a abundant here, and it is ever inviting."

- Jesse Thorpe