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Kathy GeherOur Dual Diploma programs at SUNY New Paltz will offer you a truly unique unique experience that will leave you well prepared to succeed in our increasingly global society. Not only will you be attending university in two different countries, but through this process you will emerge with diplomas from two very prestigious institutions, one in your home country and one in the United States.  

During your time in college, we encourage you to take full advantage of all that this program has to offer to you. Studying abroad, in itself, provides a plethora of experiences that will enable you to become a citizen of the world. But in addition to the life experience gained from living in different cultures, you will be enrolled in a rigorous academic program that will prepare you for a range of careers. 

We trust that you will make the most of your experience in this program and we are confident that you will also find your stay at SUNY New Paltz to be both challenging and rewarding. New Paltz is a small vibrant community nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Catskill Mountains. While providing the comfort and ease of living in a small town, New Paltz is accessible to New York City and other major metropolitan areas. 

At the college, consistent with our central mission, we offer an environment where you can "gain knowledge, skills, and confidence to contribute as productive members . . . in a global society." We have created a "community dedicated to the construction of a vibrant intellectual/creative public forum which reflects and celebrates the diversity of our society and encourages and supports active participation in scholarly and artistic activity". We welcome you here not simply as consumers of what the university has to offer, but as fundamental contributors to the diversity and the vibrant intellectual community here at SUNY New Paltz. 

Your success in this program will be a testament to your great abilities to master the ways of two different universities and two different cultures. As you start out, your journey through college may seem very long, but rest assured that it will pass very quickly. And these years will be among the most memorable years of your life. 

Once again, we welcome you to SUNY New Paltz on behalf of the entire campus community. We are looking forward to having you in New Paltz and we promise not only a challenging and fulfilling academic experience, but also a great life experience in the United States. 

With best wishes, 

Kathleen Bauman Geher, Ph.D. 
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