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Important Items for Candidates


Payment of tuition/fees:

SUNY New Paltz does not provide a paper copy of any bill for tuition and fees. It is the candidate's responsibility to access his/her SUNY email account after registering for courses and pay the bill promptly. If the bill is not paid prior to the closing date for advanced registration, the candidate will be de-registered from the course. To re-register will require payment of an additional fee.


  You are advised to consult this page to prepare for certification.

1. Certification acquired for School Building Leader (SBL) is valid for a period of five years. If there is no employment with that certificate within five years, the candidate is advised to request an extension from SED.

2. NYSED no longer prints initial certificates. Use your TEACH account as verification that this certificate has been awarded.

3. In applying for certification, a program code is required. These program codes are different from the ones used to identify your CAS academic program and are called HEGIS program codes. The following are the relevant codes:

   CAS program 401a = HEGIS program code 29035 (School Leadership SBL and SDL)

   CAS program 401b = HEGIS program code 29036 (Transition D - Alternative Certification for SDL)

   CAS program 402a = HEGIS program code 29037 (School District Business Leader - SDBL)

   MSEd program 080a = HEGIS program code 79090

Q & A on certification issues:

1. When the SBL candidate graduates, what certification do they receive?

Assuming that the candidate passes the SBL state assessment, the student will receive initial certification for the SBL (only SDL graduates who pass the state assessment receive professional certification).

2. Is it true that the SBL does not become a professional certificate until he/she gets a position in school leadership?

The SBL graduate needs to get a position as a school leader (chair, VP, principal, dean, etc.). Once the graduate has two years of experience in that position as a school leader, he/she can apply for the SBL professional degree.

3. If an SBL graduate does not get a position as a school leader, does that mean that the graduate then has to take the SBL exam after two years?

Initial certification (CQ) and assessment results are good for five years. At the end of the five years, the graduate can request an extension (an additional two years) if they have not obtained a position requiring SBL certification. At the end of that two years, the graduate can request an additional two years. Since this process of passing state assessments and holding a CQ is new (February 2009), it is assumed the state will probably grant the request. After nine years, the state will probably require that 1) the person get recommended by an SBL program or 2) will probably have to retake the SBL exam. These options are not official at this time and will be clarified by SED in the future.

4. What if a person has a CQ from the older SAS program and never got the experience? Do they have to retake a program at this time?

The person who has a SAS CQ needs to go through an abbreviated program to get it to be an initial CQ in the SBL program. SUNY New Paltz is developing an abbreviated SBL program specifically for this purpose. The candidate will also need to take the appropriate state assessment.

Is there anything needed for those who have the SAS (permanent) but now need the SDL (never took the additional two courses to get the district-level certification but has been a building-level leader for many years)?

Yes. SUNY New Paltz is developing an abbreviated SDL program specifically for this purpose. The candidate will also need to take the appropriate state assessment.

6. How does the 175 hours of professional development requirement impact the above?

Once the person receives the certificate, whether it be an initial (CQ--pertaining to the SBL) or professional (pertaining to the SBL once the person has two years experience--or pertaining to the SDL, SDL-Transition D, or SDBL), the person has five years to complete the 175-hour professional development requirement. That routine will continue every five years. If a person does not use the initial certification and gets extensions, then the person needs to complete the 175 hours to keep the certificate current.


Receiving "credit" for workshops:

After completing the workshop, send a copy of the workshop certificate to:

Certification Unit
Office of Teaching Initiatives
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Ave.,
5N Education Building Albany, NY 12234

Statement of Integrity:

The GRADUATE SCHOOL POLICY HANDBOOK (Spring 2009) has a detailed statement related to a candidate's integrity of work.

The Department of Educational Administration and Supervision also has a departmental policy on this matter which reads:


      Source:  GRADUATE SCHOOL POLICY HANDBOOK (Spring 2009)

Please be actively aware of this policy when preparing papers for submission as course assignments. If you have any questions, please contact your professor, advisor, or department chair.

The following statement should be submitted for each assignment as an indication that the candidate verify Academic Integrity for that assignment:

"The following is an original work and complies with the Graduate School and the Department of Educational Administration's Statement of Integrity "

___________________________      _______________________

   Candidate's Signature                               Date


Sign your name and date the statement.

A complete Statement of Integrity is available from the Department of Educational Administration (845-257-2810)

Graduation checklist:

1. File an application with the Registrar's Office. The deadline for the application is often the semester prior to anticipated graduation.

2. Make certain that you have completed the 30 credits and the courses taken are those noted on your Plan of Study. You may need to file the form, Change of Plan of Study, if the courses taken do not match courses originally planned.

3. Complete a course on child abuse unless previously taken.

4. Complete a course on SAVE unless taken as part of EDA 775 New York State Education Law and Policy. The   candidate's transcript will show that the SAVE requirement has been completed if EDA 775 has been taken and a passing grade achieved.

5. Complete a 6-hr NYSED approved Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) workshop.

6. State regulations require those administrators who will have direct responsibility for supervising special education need to take a workshop on autism. This regulation would not normally relate to principals who have special education classes in their building.

7. Have fingerprints taken since graduation is entitling you to a new certificate.

8. Pass the appropriate State assessment(s). If the candidate is in program 401a for SBL and SDL certification, both State assessments need to be passed for graduation.

Career Counseling:

Career counseling services are available at SUNY New Paltz. Assistance is provided in writing a cover letter and resume, interviewing techniques, job search strategies, and other career-related topics. For further information, consult or contact:

   Career Resource Center

   HUM 105


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