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How to Wear Attire

It is assumed that students will wear the traditional cap and gown. Traditional attire worn by international students is acceptable. Caps and gowns must not be modified or transformed. Anyone failing to comply with this requirement will not participate in the ceremony.

We do allow candidates to decorate the top of their mortarboards.  The decoration cannot rise above the surface or off the edges of the mortarboard.  We do not allow profanity, or attacks on individuals or organizations. Any language or decoration deemed inappropriate on a mortarboard will not be permitted.

If you receive an honor cord, department honor, or national organization honor, that sash, cord or stole is worn into the ceremony.
Award Pins from organizations are worn on your attire not on your academic robe. 

Tassels should be draped on the right side of your mortarboard. During the ceremony you will be asked to move your tassel to the left side.