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Schedule of Classes
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EED415 The Development of Symbolic Representation, Language, and Literacy

Exploration of the interaction between symbolic development, language, and literacy acquisition in children birth through five years of age. Development of strategies to encourage language and literacy in very young children.


  • 3


  • Must be enrolled in the following level: Undergraduate
  • Must be enrolled in one of the following field(s) of study (major, minor or concentration): Early Childhood & Chld Ed B-6 (601), Early Childhood Studies B-2 (602), Undecl: Ed Pre-Art History (00DA), Undecl: Ed Pre-Biology (00DY), Undecl: Ed Pre-Black Studies (00DB), Undecl: Ed Pre-Earth Science (00DT), Undecl: Ed Pre-French (00DF), Undecl: Ed Pre-Geography (00DG), Undecl: Ed Pre-History (00DH), Undecl: Ed Pre-Mathematics (00DM), Undecl: Ed Pre-Politcal Scienc (00DP), Undecl: Ed Pre-Spanish (00DS)
  • May not be enrolled in the following class: Freshman


  • (EDS371 Minimum Grade of C*)

    * May be taken at the same time