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Schedule of Classes
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AdBlocker Software Problems

Users of Adblocking software (Symantec AdBlocker - part of Norton Internet Security, and the Firefox extension Adblock Plus) may experience problems viewing the schedule of classes and many features within The reason for this is the new student records and scheduling system we are using is called "Banner," and these AdBlock programs often block pages with the word "banner" in an attempt to block advertisements (often placed in Web pages as "banner ads").

To stop this in Symantec AdBlocker we recommend that you turn that program off while accessing our Schedule of Classes. To disable ad blocking in Norton Internet Security 2005:

  1. Right click on the Norton icon in the task bar and select "Open Norton Internet Security"
  2. Select "Norton Protection Center" from the menu on the left
  3. Select "Web Browsing"
  4. Single click on Ad Blocking and select "Turn Ad Blocking Off"

To stop this in Mozilla's AdBlock Plus extension you just need to 'whitelist'

To do so:

  • Click on Tools at the top and choose AdBlock Plus.
  • Click Add Filter
  • Add the following filter (you may want to copy and paste it to get it exactly right):
    - Press Enter
    - Click Add Filter again
    - Add the following filter (again - you may want to copy and paste it):
    Press Enter, then click OK.