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Career and Mentorship Network

Alumni Advisors

Give the next generation of New Paltz Hawks the advice you wish you’d had through the New Paltz Career and Mentorship Network.

Through this online network alumni can provide advice and guidance to current students and fellow alumni. As an advisor, you can select the type of support you can offer: career conversation/informational interview, resume review or mock interview. You pick when and how often you are available

Create your New Paltz Career and Mentorship advisor profile on our mobile-responsive platform with any device in just two minutes. You can even register with your LinkedIn account to create your profile seamlessly.

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Student and Alumni Advisees

Looking for expert advice in a specific career field or industry? Not sure how to break into a new field or launch your next business idea? Want to know how to get the most out of your time at New Paltz to make the transition to your dream career possible? Ask a fellow Hawk who has been there. Connect with alumni across many industries at all levels.

  1. REGISTER – Register using your LinkedIn account or New Paltz email address.

  2. BROWSE – Search for advisors based on industry, company, job type, location, etc. There’s also a keyword search at the top of the
    search page.

  3. CONNECT – Book a consultation online and then connect by phone for a career conversation/informational interview, mock interview or resume critique.

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Resources for Advisees >

Helpful information for navigating the Career and Mentorship Network.


Community Expectations

The New Paltz Career and Mentorship Network is for professional networking and mentorship. Advisors and Advisees should always conduct themselves in a professional manner for the purposes of soliciting and offering career and college advice. We encourage advisors and advisees to always connect through the platform to ensure privacy of personal information. Abuse or inappropriate use of the New Paltz Career and Mentorship Network will result in the termination of an advisor’s or advisee’s account at the discretion of the platform manager.