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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council represents the 64,000+ members of the official SUNY New Paltz Alumni Association, the only alumni group recognized by the College.

These 20 alumni, two student representatives, and three administrators comprise the  Alumni Council, charged with assisting the College in better engaging its alumni. The alumni and student representatives report to the Director of Alumni Relations who oversees all aspects of the Alumni Council.

Alumni Representatives

Claudette Aldebott '06 '08g (Rock Tavern, N.Y.) is the Associate Director of Bard Education Opportunity Program. LinkedIn profile 

Harry Bonsu '90 (Middletown, N.Y.) is the Senior Vice President, Administration and Member Services at Independence Care Systems. LinkedIn profile

Mary Elizabeth Bannon '81 (New Paltz, N.Y.) Retired Consumer Affairs Specialist at FDIC.  LinkedIn profile

Judy (Pietsch) Bishop '82 (Highland, N.Y.) International Admission Advisor at SUNY New Paltz. Campus directory 

Robin Cohen-La Valle '77 '82g (New Paltz, N.Y.), married to Russell P. La Valle '69 '74g, is dean of students at SUNY New Paltz. Alumna profile - LinkedIn profile - campus directory

Candice Dixon '73 (Atlanta, Ga.), part of a New Paltz generations family (sister Mary Dixon Atkins '66, nephew Arthur Atkins Jr. '90, and brother Marshall Dixon attended), is an active volunteer and retired education professional. Alumna profile

Alan Dunefsky '69 '91g (Kingston, N.Y.), retired from the Athletics and Wellness staff, is chair of the Retired Faculty group, a Heritage Award recipient, and special assistant for projects at SUNY New Paltz. Alumnus profile - LinkedIn profile - campus directory

Onika Jervis '93 '05g (New Orleans, La.) Alumna profile

Keith Kenney '99 '10g (Ulster County, N.Y.), married to Amanda (Havrilla) Kenney '99, is director of wellness and recreation at SUNY New Paltz and a former Hawks athlete. Athletics directory - campus directory

Patricia King '60 (New Paltz, N.Y.) is a retired educator. 

Liza Lopez '90 (Belleville, N.J.) is an attorney. LinkedIn profile

Rosemarie McBride '60 (Highland, N.Y.)is a retired educator and SUNY New Paltz Admission Adminisrato and is a Heritage Award recipient. 

Henrietta (Thomas) Mountz '68 '71g (Connecticut), married to Robert Mountz '68 '71g '80cas, is a recipient and featured in the inaugural Alumni Wall display. Alumni profile

Renee Padmore-Baccus '91 (Washington, D.C.), married to Dion Baccus '92, is a public health professional, master gardener, and business owner. LinkedIn profile

Kevin Sanchez '15 (New York, N.Y.) is an Education Assistant at the Anti Defamation League. LinkedIn profile

Robert "Bob" Thorn '66 '70g (Rhode Island/Florida), married to Jane (Hausz) Thorn '68, is a sculptor, retired art teacher, and Heritage Award recipient. LinkedIn profile

Nia Thomas '11 (New York, N.Y.) is an Educator of Speech Improvement. LinkedIn profile

Chanel Ward '10g (Dutchess County, N.Y.) Alumna profile - LinkedIn profile

Anthony T. Winn '92, JD MPA (New York, N.Y.) Alumnus profile - LinkedIn profile

Christopher "Chris" Wright '01 (Boston, Ma.)  Alumnus profile | LinkedIn profile

Student Representatives

  • Dani Ackerman '16 '18g
  • Nazareth McNair '19


  • Director of Alumni Relations: Shana Circe '02 '08g
  • Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations: Erica Marks
  • Former alumni task force chair: L. David Eaton, Vice President for Enrollment Management

2017 - 18 full Council meetings
Saturday, May 19, 2018  (Time and Location TBD)

Learn more about the College's official SUNY New Paltz Alumni Association here.