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Office of Communication & Marketing
Experts by Name

Catherine (Candy) Davies, , Student Counseling
  Office Phone: 845-257-2920

Jennifer Davis-Duerr, Teaching and Learning (Assistant Professor)
  E-mail Address: duerrj@newpaltz.edu

Victor Demunck, , Anthropology (Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-2985
  E-mail Address: demunckv@newpaltz.edu

Anne Deutsch, Library (Senior Assistant Librarian)
  E-mail Address: deutscha@newpaltz.edu

Anthony Dirusso, Residence Life
  Office Phone: 845-257-5701
  E-mail Address: dirussoa@newpaltz.edu

Sunny Duerr, , Dean - Education
  E-mail Address: duerrs@newpaltz.edu