Geography is a wide-ranging and integrating academic discipline that focuses on spatial patterns and relationships found on the Earth's surface. Spanning the social and natural sciences, Geography offers a variety of specializations, many of which are included in the major offered at SUNY New Paltz. A sound geographic education provides perspectives and skills for understanding subjects as varied as population problems, food supply, ethnic conflict, international affairs, regional planning, resource distribution, watershed management, territorial disputes, migration patterns, environmental quality, and social inequalities based on gender, ethnicity, and race. Geographers today not only utilize maps in processing and analyzing spatial information, they are pioneering the application of computer-based Geographic Information Systems/GIS that are revolutionizing the field and providing many employment opportunities for geography students. Read our geography interns' descriptions of their internship responsibilities and achievements.  Geography is a sound foundation for graduate work in many fields, including planning, law, business, and teaching.  

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