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Degree Requirements

The Academic Program

At New Paltz, the Department of Geography offers a comprehensive major within the liberal arts curriculum (41-44 credits) as well as a planning emphasis (53-61 credits). Both programs are designed to prepare students for graduate study in geography or for employment in private business or government.

Minor programs are also offered in Geography (18 credits) and in Geography for Business and Economics majors (18 credits). In addition, the department cooperates in various programs, such as Asian Studies, Environmental Science and Latin American Studies. Students in the Elementary Education curriculum (B-2 or 1-6) may major in geography; students in Secondary Education (social studies) may select geography as a minor. The department also offers courses designed to permit graduate students majoring in Secondary Education/Social Studies.

The Geography program has a liberal arts orientation and, thus, offers a broad range of courses in both topical and regional subjects that are available to majors/minors. Many of these courses satisfy General Education requirements as well.

For degree requirements for Geography in both Liberal Arts and Elementary Education, please visit the online Undergraduate Catalog.