Undergraduate Catalog

Computer Engineering Eight Semester Plan

This eight-semester plan (see important details) is intended to guide students through a four-year undergraduate career, with completion of an academic major and all college-wide degree requirements. The plan is designed as an advising tool – a starting point for careful discussions between students and their academic advisors. In consultation, a student and advisor will adjust the plan to accommodate the student’s prerequisite needs, transferred credits, and other such variables.

The plan below reflects General Education (GE4) requirements in effect as of Fall 2019. Students who matriculated prior to that date will find the previous plan associated with their majors here. For a summary of GE4 requirements, see New Paltz General Education Requirements.

Students are responsible for reviewing their Progress Reports each semester to track their own progress toward degree requirements.

Computer Engineering

Year 1

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
See NOTE 1 regarding General Education requirements0
MAT251 Calculus I (GE Mathematics)4
CHE201/211 Gen Chem I/Lab OR BIO201/211 Gen Bio I/Lab4
EGG101 Introduction to Engineering Science3
ENG170 Writing & Rhetoric (4) or equiv (3-4) - GE Basic Comm3-4
See NOTE 1 regarding General Education requirements0
MAT252 Calculus II4
PHY201 General Physics 1 (Natural Science Lecture)3
PHY211 Physics 1 Laboratory (Natural Science Lab)1
EGC251 C/C++ Programming3
General Education course3
General Education course3

Year 2

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
MAT359 Ordinary Differential Equations3
PHY202 General Physics 2 (Natural Science Lecture)3
PHY212 General Physics 2 Lab (Natural Science Lab)1
CPS210 Computer Science I: Foundations4
EGC220 Digital Logic Fundamentals3
EGC221 Digital Logic Lab1
MAT362 Linear Algebra3
Technical elective - 1st of 3 (3) / MAT353 Calculus III (4)3-4
CPS310 Computer Science II: Data Structures4
EGE200 Circuit Analysis3
EGE201 Circuits Laboratory1
General Education course3

Year 3

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
MAT320 Discrete Mathematics for Computing3
CPS353 Software Engineering3
EGC331 Microcontroller System Design3
EGC332 Microcontroller Laboratory1
EGE320 Electronics I3
EGE322 Electronics I Laboratory1
EGC320 Digital Systems Design3
MAT380 Applied Probability and Statistics3
EGC433 Embedded Systems3
EGC442 Introduction to Computer Architecture3
EGC445 VLSI Design3
EGC446 VLSI Design Lab1
General Education course3

Year 4

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
EGG321 Technical Communication3
EGC455 Design and Verification of System on Chip3
EGG408 Senior Design Project 1 (WI)2
Technical elective (2nd of 3 - upper div - see advisor for list)3
General Education course3
Software Technical Elective (upper division)3
Technical elective (3rd of 3 - upper div - see advisor for list)3
EGG409 Senior Design Project 2 (WI)2
Diversity course3
General Education course3


1 - Engineering students follow a modified General Education requirement that includes a Basic Communication course (ENG170 Writing & Rhetoric or equivalent), plus one course from each of the following six GE categories: United States Studies, World Civilizations & Cultures, Western Civilization, Humanities, Social Sciences, The Arts. Students can often complete their General Education requirements at any time, based on course availability, individual preference and/or advisor input. However, ENG170 (or equivalent) should be taken in Year 1. Courses that fulfill both GE and major requirements should be take in the term your advisor recommends.

Total Credits: 124-126