Undergraduate Catalog

Religious Studies: Minor

Minor in Religious Studies - 18 credits

Required course.......................................3 credits
REL270 Religions of the World (3)

Electives...................................................15 credits
Choose from the following approved list of courses. Nine credits must be upper-division courses. A maximum of nine credits may count towards the student’s major. No more than nine credits may be taken from courses that originate in one department, with the exception of any courses whose primary prefix is REL (Religious Studies).

ANT403 Religion & Culture (3)
ANT414 Anthropology of Performance (3)
ANT461 Seminar in Witchcraft & Sorcery (3)
ARH340 The Arts of Early China (3)
ARH342 The Arts of Japan (3)
ARH344 History of Buddhist Art (3)
ARH361 Art of the Renaissance in Italy (3)
ARH362 Northern European Painting from Van Eyck to Bruegel (3)
ARH363 Early Medieval Art (3)
ARH364 Late Medieval Art: Gothic (3)
ARH378 Sacred Spaces, Divine Images (3)
ARH387 Art of the Islamic World (3)
ARH391 Baroque Painting (3)
ARH410 Art of the Byzantine Empire (3)
BLK264 African American Religion (3)
ENG211 Great Books Asian Classics (3)
ENG355 The Bible (4)
ENG404 Medieval Literature (4)
ENG408 Seventeenth-Century Literature (4)
HIS207 Medieval Europe (4)
HIS243 Middle East to 1798 (4)
HIS336 Religions of Asia (3)
HIS343 History of Islam & the Middle East 570-1918 (3)
HIS344 The Middle East in the 20th Century (3)
HIS348 Medieval Society (3)
HIS349 Renaissance & Reformation (3)
HIS363 Inquisition (3)
HIS365 Jihad & Crusades (3)
HIS369 Ancient Israel (3)
HIS370 Bible: Myth & History (3)
HIS371 Jews in the Middle Ages (3)
HIS383 Religion in the United States (3)
JST205 The Jewish Experience (3)
PHI251 Indian Philosophy (3)
PHI252 East Asian Philosophy (3)
PHI311 Medieval & Renaissance Philosophy (3)
PHI320 God, World & Soul (3)
PHI321 Religion, Ethics & Society (3)
PHI325 The Meaning of Life (3)
PHI332 Buddhist Philosophy (3)
PHI382 Contemporary Buddhism (1)
POL220 Athens & Jerusalem: Political Thought in the Ancient & Medieval Worlds (4)
POL336 Middle Eastern Politics and Institutions (3)
REL275 Islam: An Introduction (3)
REL301 History of Christian Thought (3)
SOC304 Sociology of Religion (3) 

*Selected Topics courses, seminars, and other courses may be approved as electives at the discretion of the Religious Studies Coordinator.