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Undergraduate Catalog

Medieval Studies: Minor

Minor in Medieval & Early Modern Studies (18 Credits)


  • 18 Credits
  • Courses from at least three academic departments
  • At least two Medieval courses (6 credits) and at least two Early Modern courses (6 credits)
  • Up to 9 credits may count for this minor and another minor or major

List 1: Medieval

ARH363 Early Medieval Art
ARH364 Later Medieval Art: Gothic
ENG404 Medieval Literature
HIS207 Medieval Europe
HIS346 The Black Death
HIS348 Medieval Society
HIS362 Medieval Spain
HIS363 Inquisition
HIS365 Jihad & Crusades
HIS371 Jews in the Middle Ages
POL220 Classical & Medieval Political Theory

List 2: Early Modern
ARH361 Art of the Renaissance in Italy
ARH362 Northern European Painting
ARH390 Italian Renaissance Painting
ARH391 Baroque Painting
ARH442 Eighteenth-Century Arts
BLK231 Development of Afro-Latin American Civilization
BLK301 Precolonial Africa to 1800
BLK304 Survey of Pre-Colonial Africa
BLK311 Blacks in the Caribbean
BLK450 Portuguese in Africa
ENG405 Elizabethan Literature
ENG406 Shakespeare 1
ENG407 Shakespeare 2
ENG408 Seventeenth-Century Literature
ENG413 Eighteenth-Century English Literature
ENG414 Rise of the Novel
ENG470 Milton
FRN413 French Classic Drama
HIS305 Women in Early Modern Europe
HIS321 Colonial America
HIS322 American Revolution
HIS349 Renaissance & Reformation
HIS350 Early Modern Europe
HIS354 Early Modern Cities
HIS357 England from 1485-1815
HIS470 Age of Discovery, 1415-1780
ITA331 Italian Literature in English 1
PHI215 Modern Philosophy
POL323 Modern Political Theory
SPA468 Golden Age Prose
SPA469 Golden Age Drama

List 3: Medieval or Early Modern*
ENG301 English Literature I or ENG303 Introduction to British Literature
FRN301 French Literature I
PHI311 Medieval & Renaissance Philosophy

*Note that courses on List 3: Medieval or Early Modern can ONLY be counted towards the Medieval OR Early Modern course requirement and cannot be used for both.