Undergraduate Catalog

Jewish Studies: Minor

Minor in Jewish Studies - 15 credits (minimum)

Select any five courses in Jewish Studies, including approved cross-listed courses:
HEB101 Elementary Hebrew I (3)
HEB102 Elementary Hebrew II (3)
JST205 The Jewish Experience (3)
JST393 Jewish Studies Selected Topic (by advisement)
HIS369 Ancient Israel (3)
HIS370 Bible: Myth and History (3)
HIS371 Jews in the Middle Ages (3)
HIS373 The Holocaust (3)
HIS393 History Selected Topic (by advisement)
ENG477 Literature of the Holocaust (4)
GER320 The Jews of Germany (3)
POL220 Athens & Jerusalem: Political Thought in the Ancient &
Medieval Worlds (3)
Other courses, with permission of the program director

Note: ENG355 The Bible and HIS363 Inquisition do not count toward the Jewish Studies minor.