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Languages, Literatures & Cultures: Italian Studies

Students may take courses in Italian for personal interest or in relation to a degree program in such fields as art, business, literature, history, music and philosophy. We also offer an interdisciplinary minor (see below) and a contract major in Italian Studies. Contact the program coordinator for more information:

Alessia Mingrone
Office: Old Main 209B
Phone: (845) 257-3485
E-mail: mingrona@newpaltz.edu

Minor in Italian Studies - 18-20 credits

The Italian Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program for students seeking a comprehensive understanding of Italy and its many contributions to western civilization. To students of Italian descent, it serves also to provide a better appreciation of themselves and of their heritage. Open to students who have completed ITA201 Intermediate Italian I or reached an equivalent level of proficiency (Intermediate-Low on the ACTFL language proficiency scale), the program fosters an appreciation of Italian cultures through the study of the Italian language (on campus and through our study-abroad programs in Italy), literature and film, as well as through an emphasis on intercultural communication skills and cognate courses in the Humanities.

Prerequisite courses1 (9 credits)
ITA101 Elementary Italian I (3)
ITA102 Elementary Italian II (3)
ITA201 Intermediate Italian I (3)

Required course.................................3 credits
ITA202 Intermediate Italian II (3)

Core electives.....................................9-11 credits
Select three of the following courses:
ITA261 Italian Society in Film (in English) (4)
ITA262 Beyond the Godfather: New Perspectives on the Mafia (3)
ITA301 Italian Composition & Conversation (3)
ITA331 Italian Literature in English I (3)
ITA332 Modern to Contemporary Italian Literature and Culture (3)
ITA375 Topics in Italian Cinema (in English) (4)
ITA441 Modern Italian Literature (in English) (3)
ITA393/493 Italian Selected Topic
ITA295/495 Independent Study Italian

Interdisciplinary electives...................6 credits
Select two cognate courses taken under advisement from the Departments of Art History, English, History, Music, and Philosophy. Other departments from time to time teach courses that relate to Italian Studies. See the program coordinator.

1Credits for these basic language courses do not count toward the minor. Also note that students with prior training or experience in Italian may obtain waivers for one or more of these basic courses after consultation with the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures.

Programs in Italy

In cooperation with the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures the Center for International Programs offers qualified students study-abroad opportunities in Italy at the University of Urbino and the Cattolica University of Milan. Please contact the Italian Studies advisor, Professor Marinella Garatti, for more information.

Luigi and Anita Traverso Italian Studies Scholarship

Italian Studies minors and contract majors interested in studying abroad in Italy are encouraged to apply for the Luigi and Anita Traverso Italian Studies Scholarship. For more information, see Luigi and Anita Traverso Endowment.


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