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Undergraduate Catalog

Ancient World Studies: Minor

Minor Requirements

Students must take at least 18 credits from at least three academic departments. A maximum of 9 credits may be from any one academic department.  A maximum of 3 credits applied to another major or minor may also count for the Ancient World Studies minor.  Special topics courses not on the list of approved courses may be approved by the Minor Coordinator.

List of Approved Courses

Art History

ARH340 The Arts of Early China (3)
ARH365 Early Greek Art (3)
ARH366 Later Greek Art (3)
ARH367 Art of Ancient Rome (3)
ARH386 Art of Ancient Egypt (3)
ARH401 Art of the Ancient Near East (3)
ARH410 Art of the Byzantine Empire (3)


ENG355 The Bible (3)
ENG356 Greek & Roman Literature (3)

Political Science

POL220 Athens & Jerusalem: Political Thought in the Ancient & Medieval Worlds (4)


PHI211 Ancient Greek Philosophy (3)
PHI251 Indian Philosophy (3)
PHI310 Later Greek & Roman Philosophy (3)
PHI330 Chinese Philosophy (3)


HIS200 History of the Ancient World (4)
HIS202 History of the Ancient Near East (3)
HIS203 History of Ancient Greece (3)
HIS314 History of Ancient Rome (3)
HIS337 Ancient India (3)
HIS369 Ancient Israel (3)
HIS370 Bible: Myth & History (3)


ANT304 Ancient Mesoamerica (3)