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Undergraduate Catalog

Art History: Minor

Minor in Art History > 21 credits

The 21 credits required for a minor in art history may be distributed over a broad spectrum of art history courses through advisement or may be concentrated in one or more areas that relate to the student's major field and career goals. The required seven (7) art history courses must include at least four (4) upper-division courses and at least three (3) courses not already used to satisfy the requirements of the student's major.


Interdisciplinary Minor in Film & Video Studies > 18-21 credits

In addition to the art history minor, the Departments of Art History and Communication & Media (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences) offer an interdisciplinary minor in Film & Video Studies (18-21 credits). This program provides students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with reading the art of cinema as cultural critics, while having the option to learn the basics of screenwriting and production. For more information, please contact Beth Wilson, the Department of Art History's co-coordinator of Film & Video Studies, at (845) 257-3896 or wilsonb@newpaltz.edu.