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Undergraduate Catalog

Art History: Honors Program

Art History majors pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree are encouraged to apply for admission to the Art History Honors Program if they meet all the following criteria: a cumulative average in all course work at the college of 3.0 or above, an average in Art History course work at the college of 3.5 or above, and completion of 21 or more credits in Art History. Application must be made at the beginning of the last semester of the junior year.

Admission to the Honors Program will permit students to enroll in ARH461 and ARH462, Honors Thesis in Art History I and II (three credits each). Credit for ARH461 will not be allowed unless ARH462 is completed; only three of these six credits may be used toward completion of the 36-credit major.

Students admitted to the Honors Program will undertake independent study and write a thesis on a subject chosen by the student in consultation with the faculty, approved by the department chair, and supervised by the appropriate member of the faculty. Successful completion of the thesis -- indicated by a grade of B+ or better in ARH461 and ARH462 -- will result in the student graduating with honors in Art History, a distinction that will appear on the college transcript.

Questions regarding this Honors Program should be directed to the chair of the Art History Department.