Undergraduate Catalog

Art Department: Minor

Minor in Art Studio 18 credits

Acceptance Requirements
Completion of 30 college credits with proof of minimum grade point average of 2.50 and approval of the Art Department Chair. The art studio minor is available only to non-art majors.

Program Requirements
Successful completion of 18 credits from the following categories:

A. 3-6 Credits from the following courses
ARS105 Introduction to Studio Art (3)
ARS110 Introduction to Ceramics (3)
ARS120 Introduction to Metal (3)
ARS140 Introduction to Painting (3)
ARS150 Introduction to Photography (3)
ARS160 Introduction to Printmaking (3)
ARS170 Introduction to Sculpture (3)

B. 3-6 Credits from the following courses
ARS102 Design: Color (3)
ARS103 Design: Form (3)

C. 6-12 Credits from the following courses
ARS100 Drawing: Visual Thinking I (3)
ARS101 Drawing: Visual Thinking II (3)
ARS205 Graphic Design (3)
ARS210 Basic Ceramics (3) *
ARS220 Basic Metal (3) *
ARS230 Basic Digital Photography (3) *
ARS240 Basic Painting (3) *
ARS250 Basic Photography (3) *
ARS260 Basic Wood Design (3) *
ARS270 Basic Sculpture (3) *
ARS280 Basic Printmaking (3) *
* Enrollment in basic classes is not automatic and requires permission of instructor (PI).

Should students favor pursuing advanced level courses in any of the above areas, they may enroll with permission of instructor and the chair after satisfactory completion of the basic course.