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Undergraduate Catalog

Film & Video Studies: Minor

Film & Video Studies Minor (18-21 credits)

I. Acceptance Requirement: Completion of 30 college credits with proof of a minimum grade point average of 2.50 and approval of one of the program co-coordinators.

II. Minor Requirements...........................Course sequence minimum of 18 credits

     A. ARH348 History of Film.....................3 credits

     B. Core requirement.............................3 credits

  Select one of the following:

  ARH207 Film Aesthetics & Criticism I (3)
  DMJ215 Digital Storytelling (3) – Required if taking Production Concentration
  DMJ321 Milestones in Documentary (3)

     C. Concentration requirements............12-15 credits

  Choose one of the following concentrations:

  1. Production concentration: Select two of the following (6 credits):

      ARS334 Digital Video (3)
      DMJ319 Writing for Digital Media (3)
      DMJ391 Screenwriting (3)
      ENG348 Dramatic Writing for Stage & Screen (3)
      MUS350 Computer & Electronic Music (3)
      MUS380 Basic Recording Techniques (3)


      Two Criticism & Cinema OR Culture & History through Cinema courses from the lists
      below (6 credits).

  2. Cinema Criticism & Culture concentration: Select four courses from the Criticism &
and Culture & History through Cinema lists below (12 credits).


Criticism & Cinema course list

DMJ321 Milestones in Documentary (3)
DMJ343 Aesthetics & Criticism of Television (3)
CHI299 Contemporary Asian Film (1)
ENG372 Fiction into Film (3)
ITA375 Italian Cinema (4)

Culture & History through Cinema course list

DMJ331 History of American Television (3)
ENG368 The Jewish American Experience in Literature & Film (3)
GER319 Women in German Literature & Film (4)
ITA261 Italian Society in Film (4)
SOC361 Images of Poverty in Film (3)

*Please note: Majors in Communication Studies, Digital Media Production, Digital Media Programming & Management, or Journalism (including concentrations within these majors: Organizational Communication, Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication, and Public Relations) must take 9 credits outside of their major in order to complete the minor.

**Please note: Additional classes will appear on the above course lists. Advisers must guide students into the appropriate classes.