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Undergraduate Catalog

Film & Video Studies: Minor

Film & Video Studies Minor (18-21 credits)

  • Declaration Requirement: Completion of 30 college credits with proof of a minimum grade point average of 2.50 and approval of a Minor advisor. Close consultation with your advisor is required as enrollment in some courses may require special permission.
  • Please note: Students with a major from the Departments of Communication or Digital Media & Journalism must take nine (9) credits outside of their major in order to complete the minor.
  • Courses with an asterisk * have one or more prerequisites or major restrictions. (See course description for details.)

Required courses
...........................6-7 credits
ARH348 History of Film (3)

One of the following:
ARS334 Digital Video* (3)
DMJ215 Digital Storytelling (4)

Electives......................................12-14 credits
Choose at least 12 credits across any of the following categories.

Production courses
ARS312 New Media 3D + 4D* (3)
DMJ319 Writing for Digital Media (3)
DMJ391 Screenwriting (3)
ENG348 Dramatic Writing for Stage & Screen (3)
MUS350 Computer & Electronic Music (3)
MUS351 Advanced Computer & Electronic Music* (3)
MUS380 Basic Recording Techniques (3)
MUS381 Advanced Recording* (3)

Criticism & Cinema courses
ANT407 Visual Anthropology (3)
ARH446 Surrealism (3)
DMJ205 Introduction to Media Criticism (3)
DMJ343 Aesthetics & Criticism of TV/Web Video (3)
DMJ390 90 Minutes to Die: Film Noir (3)
ENG372 Fiction into Film (3)
ITA375 Topics in Italian Cinema (4)
POL334 Film and Politics (3)
THE260 Introduction to Design* (3)
THE326 20th-Century Design (3)
THE354 Scene Design I* (3)
THE355 Costume Design I (3)
THE357 Sound Design I* (3)

Culture & History through Cinema courses
DMJ321 Milestones in Documentary (3)
DMJ331 History of American TV* (3)
ENG368 Jewish American Experience in Literature & Film (3)
FRN475 French Cinema* (3) - taught in French
GER319 Women in German Literature & Film (3)
GER321 German Cinema (3)
ITA261 Italian Society in Film (4)
SOC361 Images of Poverty in Film* (3)
SOC432 Sociology of Film* (3)
SPA477 Latin American & Caribbean Cinema* (3) - taught in Spanish
THE327 Race, Gender & Performance (3)

Other courses (e.g., selected topic courses) may be taken by advisement.