Undergraduate Catalog

Minor in Social Justice Educational Studies

Minor in Social Justice Educational Studies (18 credits)

  • A minimum grade of C- is required for a course to count toward the minor.
  • Only three (3) credits of Independent Study may be applied to the minor unless otherwise approved by the advisor or department chair.

Required courses.............................................9 credits
EDS340 Sociological & Philosophical Foundations of Education (3)
EDS380 Learning Beyond Classrooms (3)

Select one of the following:
EDS371 Child Psychology & Development (3)
EDS372 Developing Adolescence (3)

Educational Studies electives..........................6 credits
Select two of the following:
EDS367 Human Development (3)
EDS376 Expressive Arts in Education (3)
EDS377 Expressive Arts in Education 2 (3)
EDS383 Introduction to Literacy for Diverse Learners (3)
EDS393 Educational Studies Selected Topic, by advisement
SED358 Education Across Borders (3)
SPE106 Multiple Voices: Diversity in US Education (3)
SPE142 Introduction to Disability Studies (3)

Elective outside of Education...........................3-4 credits
Select one of the following1:
ANT216 Language and Culture (3)
BLK100 Intro to Black Studies (3)
BLK201 Black History I (3)
BLK272 Rap and Spoken Word (3)
BLK285 Introduction to African Psychology: A Cultural Approach (3)
BLK331 The American Civil Rights Movvement (3)
BLK350 Contemporary Social Issues in the Black Community (3)
BLK355 The Black Family (3)
BLK357 Psychology of the Black Child (3)
BLK370 Education in the Black Community (3)
BLK420 Counseling Underrepresented Students (3)
GEO211 World Geography (3)
HIS309 Indians of the United States (3)
JPN320 Asian Americans (3)
PHI211 Ancient Greek Philosophy (3)
PHI251 Indian Philosophy (3)
PHI330 Chinese Philosophy (3)
PSY372 Psychology of Women (3)
REL270 Religions of the World (3)
SOC220 Social Inequality in the United States (3)
SOC305 Juvenile Delinquency (3)
SOC381 Immigration and Identity (3)
SOC385 Education and Society (3)
WOM220 Introduction to Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (4)
WOM325 Women and Popular Culture (3)

1This is not an exhaustive list of acceptable electives. Courses that center subaltern voices or explore whiteness/white supremacy and those that focus on exploring the lives and history of historically underrepresented communities are potentially appropriate, with advisor permission.