Undergraduate Catalog

Admission Requirements

Effective Fall 2019:

  • Students may declare a major in Early Childhood & Childhood Education during their first year. Those who enter the program at a later point may need more than eight semesters to graduate.
  • Students must choose an academic concentration, some of which have their own entrance criteria.
  • Students must meet the following requirements (assessed at three different checkpoints) to continue in the program:  
    • 3.0 GPA overall; 2.5 GPA in academic concentration
    • 4-7 credits in Writing and Rhetoric (1-2 composition courses) with a grade of “B” or better; minimum “B-” or “S” for required EED and SPE courses; minimum “C” for required foundation courses (EDS340, EDS371, MAT140, MAT240, GEO202, foreign language)
    • 30 hours of independent fieldwork (classroom observations; paid or volunteer work with children in schools, camps, daycare centers; coaching, tutoring, etc.)
    • Passing score on writing sample (to be evaluated by Early Childhood & Childhood Education faculty for organization and appropriate English grammar and usage)
    • Fingerprints on a NYS TEACH account
    • Completion of State-mandated workshops (Child Abuse Identification, SAVE, DASA, Health & Safety Education. Health & Safety training consists of four video modules, included in EDI095.)
    • Satisfactory dispositions assessments and "target" or "proficient" lesson/unit planning skills.

Transfer Students

Due to the highly structured and sequenced nature of the Early Childhood & Childhood Education (B-6) program, students who intend to transfer to New Paltz must plan their transfer coursework carefully. Several General Education requirements should be fulfilled under advisement by specific courses that also serve as education foundation courses. Students in an AA/AS degree program should complete all, or nearly all, New Paltz education foundation courses prior to transfer, so that upon matriculation at New Paltz they may begin junior-year education methods courses.

Transfer students may use American Sign Language courses to fulfill their General Education and Early Childhood & Childhood Education foreign language requirements.