Undergraduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary: Digital Design & Fabrication

The Digital Design & Fabrication (DDF) minor represents a unique partnership between the School of Fine & Performing Arts and the School of Science & Engineering aimed at preparing students to conceptualize and design for 21st-century manufacturing. DDF combines Fine & Performing Arts' expertise in design with Science & Engineering's expertise in materials science to introduce students to design theory, aesthetics, and 3D modeling skills, along with the study of material properties and constraints and the application of analytical approaches to problem solving. The interdisciplinary curriculum encourages research and communication across fields to provide students with a foundation in design thinking for a modern world.

Computer-aided design classes are augmented with specialized courses covering computer programming and the use of open-source microprocessor boards, providing students with an understanding of the application and the technological aspects of emerging processes and materials. The minor culminates with a design course focused on the application of human-centered design for the manufacture of functional products that address real-world problems.

Student Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of the Digital Design & Fabrication minor will enable students to:

  • Develop proficiency in 3D CAD Modeling and the ability to apply those skills to design;
  • Cultivate a knowledge of manufacturing and fabrication processes, both advanced and traditional, and the ability to blend the two;
  • Understand the application of computational processes in art and design for developing new tools and systems, form finding, and a medium of expression;
  • Develop a design methodology that uses adaptive and iterative problem-solving strategies to reach solutions throughout the design process;
  • Implement novel technological solutions bridging the liminal space between digital and physical systems.

Digital Design & Fabrication Program