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Undergraduate Catalog

Business: Minor

Declaring a Minor in Business

To declare a minor, contact the Center for Business Advising at 845-257-2909, or stop by the office, VH 206.

Minor in Business - 18 credits

Students majoring in a discipline other than Business can minor in Business and must complete the following courses:

Pre-requisites for the Minor in Business:

ECO206 Microeconomics (3)
ECO207 Macroeconomics (3)

Required Courses for the Minor in Business:

BUS201 Financial Accounting (3)
BUS250 Principles of Management (3)
BUS309 Statistics for Business and Economics I (3)
BUS325 Marketing (3)
BUS341 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (3)
BUSxxx Business elective, by advisement (3)