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Undergraduate Catalog

Additional Information about 8-Semester Plans
  • These 8-Semester Plans are designed as a general guide as to how a first-year student could structure a four-year undergraduate career. Students who enter with advanced standing (credits from AP/IB exams or for college courses completed while in high school) may need to adjust their plans accordingly. Conversely, students who need to take preparatory courses (e.g., math) for general education or the major will need to reconsider the suggested listings.
  • Each major course that satisfies a general education (GEIII) requirement will be noted as such. Some plans, therefore, will have the same general education category listed multiple times. The actual number of general education courses required for each student will be reflected on his/her progress report. In most cases, the order of the general education requirements is suggestive and course availability, as well as individual preference, may dictate that a course be taken in a semester other than the one indicated. The exceptions to this are Composition I (ENG160) and Composition II (ENG180), which must be taken in the first year, and certain courses that are required by the major department.
  • Upper-division and liberal-arts credit requirements may not be satisfied by the general education and major requirements alone. If the 8-Semester Plan for a major stipulates that “electives” are needed, the student should review the progress report and consult with his/her academic adviser to determine if those electives need to be upper division and/or liberal arts or if the student is free to take any course offered by the College to meet these requirements.
  • Finally, while the majority of New Paltz courses are three credits, some courses are one, two, four, or six credits. Students need to average 15 credits per semester to graduate in four years; however, the exact number of credits taken each term may vary.