Office of Field Experiences

Applying for Student Teaching

Prospective student teachers must apply for student teaching one year before they plan to student teach. Fall applications must be submitted by Nov. 1 one year prior to student teaching. Spring applications must be submitted by April 1 one year prior to student teaching as well. Any changes in application requests must be submitted by Dec. 1 (for Fall applicants) or by May 1 (for Spring applicants). Considerations to waive this requirement can be made on written documentation that describes extraordinary circumstances.

The general application process is:

  1. Students attend a mandatory application meeting announced at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Students complete the application requirements necessary to be eligible for student teaching.
  3. The student teaching office seeks placements for students in collaboration with school district administrators, fieldwork liaisons, and student teaching candidates.
  4. Students monitor their placement status via the college-wide communication system.

Career Resource Handbook for Education Majors

Sample Application Card

Specific dates regarding application sessions as well as workshops can be found on the Student Teaching General Schedule.