Office of Field Experiences

Student Teaching Guidelines

The student teaching candidates' placements are guided by program requirements based on New York State certification regulations and on the School of Education's conceptual framework. The Student Teaching Office seeks volunteer cooperating teachers to mentor candidates so that the depth and breadth of their experiences will develop targeted knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the profession. Generally speaking, all requests for student teaching are made to the Student Teaching Office with consideration for the preferences and needs of the candidates. Student teaching candidates must apply one year in advance of the start of student teaching. Candidates are provided with opportunities to prepare for student teaching placement and  mandatory workshops to apply for placement. School districts typically value professionally presented resumes that students develop with the help of the Career Resource Center. In addition, students' academic records are shared with school districts. These records weigh heavily on districts' decision to accept a student teaching candidate. Many school districts require a minimum GPA of 3.0. The School of Education is particularly proud of developing school partnerships, wherein candidates are able to work with teachers in extended opportunities for clinically-rich training.

Please check the FAQ and contact the Student Teaching Office at 845 257-2840/22 with any questions you may have.