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Formula Sun Grand Prix - 2009

There and back again
Dreams of the Sun

Joshua Fino

Three years ago, at a small dusty table in the Sojourner Truth Memorial Library, a group of 4 SUNY New Paltz Engineering students gathered to discuss the possibility of one day designing and constructing a solar vehicle. They held the idea that a project such as this would not only bring their school into the academic spotlight but would also provide them and their classmates with a unique opportunity to apply the principles and techniques learned in their classes and labs.

For those three years until now the original members would pursue their dream of harnessing the sun for a cleaner, better world. All but one of those original four members would graduate. He would go on to lead eight New Paltz students to a solar car competition in Texas.

For the past two semesters fifteen active members would meet every Wednesday morning to discus their needs and and goals. Then in early April, after receiving a generous donation, the club was able to submit the $4,000 entry fee for the 2009 Formula Sun Grand Prix.

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