Economic Impact Study 2019

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Economic Impact Study:
SUNY New Paltz remains top employer in Ulster County; increases economic activity

SUNY New Paltz employed 1,623 people in the 2017-18 academic year, retaining its status as the No. 1 employer in Ulster County.

As the area’s largest four-year institution of higher education, New Paltz is central to the economic health and well-being of the Hudson Valley.


$380.5 Million

 Overall economic activity contributed to the Hudson Valley

$22 million increase since previous study

3,495 Jobs

Generated annually for the Hudson Valley economy


$447 Million

Contributed to the New York State economy  

4,128 Jobs

Generated annually for the New York State economy



SUNY New Paltz is the largest employer in Ulster County, with a workforce of 1,623 full- and part-time employees (excluding student workers).

SUNY New Paltz University Police Department officers join community wide effort to build new children's playground in the Village of New Paltz.


 The College is proud to employ a large and diverse community of talented and passionate people, the vast majority of whom live right here in the Hudson Valley.

1,623 Employees

SUNY New Paltz is the largest direct employer in Ulster County, with a workforce of 1,623 full- and part-time employees.


$79.6 Million

Salary expenditure for SUNY New Paltz was $79.6 million, 92% of which was paid in the Hudson Valley.


Bottom Line: When the College invests in hiring the best and brightest employees to work with students, the vast majority of that investment returns directly to fuel the local economy.



Chemistry Rocks! at Family Mole Night 2017

Students and faculty from the Department of Chemistry invite children and families from around the community for some hands-on work in campus laboratories at Family Mole Night.


SUNY New Paltz stimulates the New York State economy through non-employee spending — the money paid to vendors and contractors to support campus construction, maintain modern campus facilities and purchase new technologies to provide the best possible learning environment to students.


$53.9 Million

In 2017-2018, the College's non-salary expenditures totaled $53.9 million

$6.1 Million

Visitors to campus played their part, too, spending an estimated $6.1 million on lodging, meals, recreation, transportation and shopping in New Paltz and the surrounding area.

7,565 Students

The fall 2017 enrollment at New Paltz was 7,565 students — each of whom helps power the local economy with spending at stores, restaurants and other businesses in the region. 

$128.9 Million

New Paltz students accounted for $128.9 million in spending in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.



Bottom Line: SUNY New Paltz serves as an engine that keeps the Ulster County economy moving forward, through its own expenditures and those of the thousands of students, families and visitors it attracts each year.



Educating Students for Careers 2020

Students support the community and its many small businesses and local favorites.


The College remains dedicated to its mission of preparing a diverse collective of scholars, scientists, artists, engineers, educators and professionals who will help define the Hudson Valley economy in the future.


55,600 Alumni

There are about 55,600 SUNY New Paltz alumni of working age (defined as 65 and younger). 42% reside in the Hudson Valley, and 79% reside in New York State. 

$520.2 Million

Our alumni generate $520.2 million in value-added annual earnings (above what they would earn with only a high school degree) here in the Hudson Valley


Bottom Line: Every day, the ever-growing society of SUNY New Paltz alumni are starting businesses, creating jobs, solving problems and serving their communities, often right here in the Hudson Valley and New York State.



About the SUNY New Paltz Economic Impact Study

The Economic Impact Study reports on overall economic activity generated by the College and the diverse ways it supports the economies of Ulster County, the Hudson Valley and New York State.

New Paltz conducts studies of its economic impact approximately every three years. The 2019 study uses data from the 2017-18 fiscal year.

For this study, “the Hudson Valley” includes Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, Rockland, Putnam and Westchester Counties.

The study relied on the 2017 RIMS II multipliers, a system of methods, measures and formulae developed and approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, to estimate economic impact. Read more about RIMS II on the BEA’s website.