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Italian Studies
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Minor in Italian Studies


The Italian Studies Minor is a 21 credit interdisciplinary program designed for students seeking a comprehensive understanding of Italy and its many contributions to western civilization. To students of Italian descent, it serves also to give a better appreciation of their heritage.

The minor builds upon a strong language foundation because a knowledge of the Italian language is the key that opens the world of Italian art, literature, history, music and philosophy.

To minor in Italian Studies you therefore fulfill the following.

Plan of Study

1. Take the Italian 101,102, 201 and 202 elementary and intermediate language courses (12 credits) or demonstrate equivalent competency to the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures.

2. Take three courses from the following for a total of 9 credits:

  • ITA261 Italian Society In Film
  • ITA301 Italian Composition and Conversation
  • ITA331 Italian Lit. in English I
  • ITA332 Modern to Contemporary Italian Literature and Culture
  • ITA375 Italian Cinema
  • ITA441 Modern Italian Literature
  • ITA393/493 Selected Topics
  • ITA295/495 Independent Study

. . . a knowledge of the Italian language is the key that opens the world of Italian literature, art, history, music and philosophy . . .

3. Take two courses for a total of 6 credits from any one or more of the following departments under advisement. The courses include:

Art History

  • ARH11201 Art of the Western World I
  • ARH11202 Art of the Western World II
  • ARH11361 Art of the Renaissance in Italy
  • ARH11383 Baroque and Rococo Art


  • ENG41201 Great Books (western)
  • ENG41356 Greek and Roman Literature
  • ENG41346 Myth, Symbol and Fable in Literature
  • ENG41361 European Literature


  • HIS58204 History of Ancient Rome
  • HIS58207 Medieval Europe
  • HIS58302 American Immigration
  • HIS58349 Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIS58352 Fascism
  • HIS58415 European History Through Biography


  • MUS66331 Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • MUS66335 The Opera
  • MUS66336 The Art Song


  • PHI71310 Later Greek and Roman Philosophy
  • PHI71320 God, World and Soul
  • PHI71321 Religion, Ethics and Society
  • PHI71344 Philosophy of the Arts