In our courses and in our research we cover a wide range of societies from the Ancient and Medieval periods to the present; we include geographic regions from Europe to the United States and East Asia; and in themes, we have courses in gender studies, ethnic studies, and religious history. Through the Black Studies Department, students can study both African history and the history of the African diaspora in the Americas. With an excellent undergraduate library, access to several regional collegiate libraries, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in nearby Hyde Park, the History Department at SUNY New Paltz is well situated for historical study and research.

Because of the diverse research and teaching fields of our faculty, we regularly offer a broad array of course topics.  The Undergraduate Catalogue has a full list of our courses with descriptions of each one:

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The frequency we offer our courses varies according to its place within the major and faculty availability. We offer the introductory surveys in different geographic regions and time periods every semester. The Historian’s Craft, and introduction to the practice of history for our majors, and the Senior Seminar in History are also offered every semester. All the other upper-level courses rotate in at regular intervals.

Frequency of History undergraduate course offerings

If you want to look at an overview of the four years of your history degree, look at our eight-semester plans.