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Our Alumni

Graduates of the History Department have attended prestigious law, graduate, and professional schools, ranging from Harvard to the University of Iceland. They have obtained careers in the fields of business, education, journalism, law, and government. They have lived rich lives in New York, across the United States, and around the world.

If you are an alumnus, stay connected! Department news will be posted on this website. You can like the SUNY New Paltz History Department Facebook page. For occasional direct news and access to newsletters, get on our email list (we promise the messages you receive will be infrequent). We also would love to hear news from you. We intend to start adding alumni updates to future newsletters and increase the presence of alumni on our department website. If you are interested in being highlighted through an alumni profile, let us know. It is really important for our current students to know what life is like for history majors after college and our faculty and the campus as a whole love knowing what our former students are up to.

Please contact department secretary Martha Teck and answer any of the following questions, as you wish:

  • Would you like occasional emails on department news? Please provide your email address if so.
  • What have you been up to since graduating? Consider especially updating us on your career track so our current students know what can be done with a history degree.
  • How has a history degree from New Paltz served you in your life and career?
  • Do you have any memories from New Paltz (classes, faculty, campus life, etc) that you want to share?