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Annual Best Seminar Papers

The Annual Best Senior Seminar Paper Prize Contenders 2017-2018

The History Department has long had our graduating seniors write an extensive work of original research within the Seminars that are the capstone of the liberal arts degree. After years of being impressed with the hard work and effective histories produced by our students, we began offering a Best Senior Seminar Prize that required the faculty who taught the Seminars to nominate the best papers and a committee of other faculty to read through all the nominees and determine the winner.

Introduction from the Chair - Best Paper Contenders 2017-2018

Dan Hulseapple - best paper winner
“Structure, Ideology, Traditions: Defining the Akkadian State"

Marissa Alperin - paper
"Constructing Jewish Bodies in Germany through Physical Culture and Racial Pseudo-Science"

Scout Mercer - paper
"Far Too Radical, Then and Now: An Examination of Women’s Body Autonomy Through
the Work of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Margaret Sanger"

Julia Morini - paper
"Gendered Artistry and Inequitable Fame in 19th Century America:
The Legacies of Julia McEntee Dillon and Jervis McEntee"

Jessica Sommerfeldt - paper
"Who’s Afraid of Gerald Ford? How a Forgotten Presidency Taught a Wounded Nation How to Forgive"