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2000's Geography Alumni


2000-2002 Geography  Alumni

Ross Baldwin 00 writes he recently started a  job as a GIS Technician with the Town of Southampton "and loves it. It feels good to finally find a job in my field!" 9/02 Before his current job he was working with a local surveyor, Thomas F. Leo Land Surveying. Email: rossbaldwin1@excite.com  4/02

Brian Coons '00 writes that he is "working in NYC for a company called Urbitran Associates. Transportation Planner is my title, and I am presently working on Parking Facilities for Metro-North Railroad...I hope all is well, and often think of all the interesting people and times that I experienced at SUNY New Paltz. I thank you for that and it is greatly appreciated." Email: brian327@taconic.net   3/02

Diane Houghtaling '00 Minor is a Production specialist at I.B.M., Poughkeepsie, NY.   Email: ladydi11@prodigy.net  6/00

Theresa Poutier '00 was named Outstanding 2000 Graduate in Geography and was honored at a Reception hosted by President Roger Bowen just before commencement. 6/00 In August she accepted a position as a teacher in New York City's District 16 PS #5 in Brooklyn in Bedford-Stuyvesant.  8/00  Teresa writes that her big news is that she got getting married on July 21 and is now Theresa Duffy.  8/01 In April 2002, shewrites that she is still teaching in New York City's District 16 PS #5 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. I am in the process of purchasing a home with my husband in Huntington (Suffolk County).  I am planning to come up for Alumni weekend in October. I heard that there are a lot of changes being made around campus and i am interested in seeing what is going on. Thanks for keeping me up to date on what is going on. Email: Theresa71401@aol.com  3/02

Xiaomara Cruz 01 writes, This is my first year teaching Pre-K Teacher and I love it.  I am planning to go for my Masters in Early Childhood in the Spring...I don't know where yet. I'll keep you posted.  I hope everything is good over at your end. I miss you guys a lot...and the fresh air!!  Please tell everyone that I said hello. Thank you.  Email: Xiomaralisa@aol.com  4/02

Brent Edwards '01 was named Outstanding 2001 Graduate in Geography and was honored at a Reception hosted by President Roger Bowen just before commencement. Brent is completing his MA degree at SUNY Buffalo in Geography, with a GIS concentration . Email: brent72@hotmail.com  5/02

Carolyn Kuehner '01 is currently working with another teacher in a kindergarten/1st grade class at Mizzentop Day School in Pawling, NY.   Email: kuehnerc@hotmail.com  8/01

Chris Liebler 01 writes, UPDATE: Good News! Chris entered the NYPD academy in July 2003 and graduated on December 30, 2003, achieving an important milestone for him! Keep safe!12/03 Earlier, in the summer of 2002, he had written, I am now working full-time as a Security Officer at the Indian Point Energy Center. I have been there since mid-October 2001. I'll be taking the MTA Police test in April, which will hopefully get me a job in that field which is where my true interest really lies.  Well good luck with everything. Email: proudestmonkey@optonline.net

AnnMarie Roberto '01 has moved to North Carolina. Email: twochicas@msn.com  7/01

Danielle Aiello 02, a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technician at Dutchess County Department of Planning & Development, will work as a volunteer for six months in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with a non-profit organization, Schools for Children of the World. She will assist in planning for school construction as part of the Honduras School Facility Master Plan for the Honduras Ministry of Education. 01/05

Bart Moran 02 was named Outstanding 2002 Graduate in Geography and applied to SUNY Albany Masters program. He writes: "I still want to fly the C-5 for the 105th Air National Guard Base at Stewart airport." 11/02  Bart writes during summer 2003 that he is a production controller at Stewart and flies a Cessna 172 "around for fun" Here is a picture of Bart with his Cessna and one of the recent photos as he flew along the Hudson River adjacent to Ground Zero.

Bart wrote in February 2004, "I just got back from the academy of military science where they made me a 2nd lieutenant in the air force. It was a lot like basic training. In 4 months I will be leaving for undergraduate pilot training in Del Rio Texas where I will fly the T-6A and the T-1 for a year. After that I will be flying the C-5 at Stewart. This is just the beginning of the long training process but the only way to get to my goal of flying the C-5 is one step at a time. The C5 is the largest aircraft in America and the 2nd largest in the world (one Russian plane is bigger)." Email: bartmoran@yahoo.com 8/04

Kevin McGovern '03 writes that he has moved to Pennsylvania where "the ride can be 40 minutes or 2 + hours depending on traffic!" He adds, "I felt really happy with completing my college work, but I have to tell you I miss it and the great conversations with the professors, especially the Geography professors....and I'll be sure to do my best to make Geography reunions." Email: khikelbikem@msn.com 12/03

Chris Zottola '03 was named Outstanding 2003 Graduate in Geography. Chris writes the following news, " I am working in the Middletown school district in Monhegan Middle School as a 6th, 7th and 8th grade Special Education Social Studies teacher.  Enjoying my position and planning of another MA in Classroom Technology in the next few years (offered through the district).  I spend one lesson a week on Geography though it isn't mandated, YET.  Teaching has been all and more then I expected and my students are just wonderful." Email: czottola@hotmail.com  1/04

Ben Harkins '04 was named Outstanding 2004 Graduate in Geography 6/04.

Lauren Saracene '04 is described as a "celebrity student geographer" in the recent issue of the alumni magazineThe Observer 3/05. Lauren writes, "My internship at NGS went really well and I have been emailing my friends there, hoping that I may end up back there sometime soon. I'm currently living in Park City, UT, snowboarding and working at Park City Mt. Resort. I have applied to work in Alaska for the summer as a hiking tour guide in Skagway, although I would like to be back in the east to visit sometime this spring. Email: gundy02@aol.com 3/05

Kent Yeung, one the current group of majors who will graduate in 2005, is featured on the SUNY New Paltz homepage saying that he is attending the college "because of the students, academic environment, and the many outdoor activities the area has to offer." For more about Kent, visit http://www.newpaltz.edu/faces/jan05/index.html  2/05