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1990's Geography Alumni


1990-1999 Geography  Alumni

Gregory Brooks '90 in 1998 was a Ph.D. student in the Department of Reading at SUNY Albany. He received an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction and a M.S. in Reading from Albany at 1991 and 1996. Greg has had a children's story published, "Freddy Fluff and Mrs. Benton's Birds" which appeared in Cherubic Children's New Classic Storybook Volume 2 (1997) and is presently writing other children's stories. He presented 3 sessions at the National Reading Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in December 1997. This past fall he taught 3rd grade in Guilderland Central Schools as a fill-in for a maternity leave and is close to finishing his doctoral dissertation proposal. Greg hopes to begin data collection and analysis this spring. 1/98

Sue Mallen Disy '90 writes Currently I am working for MapInfo Corporation as a Software Trainer teaching GIS to software end-users using focusing on their business applications. I travel weekly within North America to customer locations and I have five states and four continents left to visit! So, I'm happy to say my degree at New Paltz has served me well. Not only do I get teach geography and GIS, but I can do my own cultural analysis while traveling. Home is Schoharie County where my husband, three cats, and one horse live. Email: sue.disy@mapinfo.com  4/02 Sue made a presentation on the use of MapInfo GIS software in the department's GIS lecture series in Spring 1998. She has also offered help arranging a tour of the MapInfo facility. 6/98

Pete Manning '90 received his Masters in Landscape Architecture in 1995 from Cornell University. In the late 1990s, he was a Planner with the Delaware County Department of Planning and Economic Development. He is now a Land Use Training Specialist with the New York State Department of State. Initially teaching land use topics statewide, he now lives in the Catskills where he works with local governments in the New York City Watershed. He writes: "Enjoyed hiking all the high peaks of the Catskills so much that am doing it again. I am grateful for the education I enjoyed at New Paltz and appreciate the ongoing communication with the geography department!" 11/02 Pete presented a paper "Is Rip Van Winkle Asleep or Awake? Finding Our Place in the 21st Century Landscape" at the Middle States Division, Association of American Geographers, annual meeting that was held at Villanova University in October 2004. His paper discussed the traditional narrative of Rip Van Winkle's story in the context of contemporary development, celebrating in the process the Catskill region on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Catskill Park. 12/04 Email: pmanning@dos.state.ny.us

Steven Otte '90 writes that he is a Forensic Hospital Correction Officer at the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center and continues to teach at the Minisink Junior High School on a per diem status.  4/02

Todd Dunham '91 tells us his graduate education is in "marriage." He and his wife Sarah, a Canadian nurse and psychology associate, have 6 cats. He's a fly-fishing guide and telemark skiing guide in the Adirondacks. Todd says that he likes wooden boats, antiques, fine food and drink. He is currently employed at the Adirondack Nature Conservancy and the Adirondack Land Trust-Land Protection. 1/98

Joel Freedman '91 has been a Transportation Planner with Parsons, Brinkerhoff, Quade, and Douglas in Berkeley, California but is re-locating from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon. His area of expertise is travel forecasting, providing services to transportation agencies throughout the country.  Some of his current projects include developing state-of-the-art travel demand models for San Francisco County and the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Area. Joel reports that he is happily married to a geographer. Email: freedman@pbworld.com  6/00

Lambertus (Miguel) Jansen Minor '91 writes that he is a Manager, Customer Telemarketing & Sales and lives in Virginia. At SUNY New Paltz, Miguel was a Marketing Major while seriously pursuing his Geography minor. In October 2002, he and his wife became parents of a daughter. Miguel writes that he will come to the alumni reunion "next year with Baby girl in tow!" Email: miguel_jansen@yahoo.com  11/02

Steve Pixley '91 write that he has moved to Maine where he is a Harbor Master and Schooner Captain, with a US Coast Guard Captain's License. Says that he has completed the building of his own house in Camden, ME   7/02

Michael Plitt 91 minor writes that he works for Tele Atlas North America (http://www.teleatlas.com) as the Quality and Training coordinator for New York He adds Thanks SUNY New Paltz Geography Department for the preparation for a career in cartography. Email: mplitt@hotmail.com  3/02

Michael Salvato '91 earned a Masters in Urban Planning at New York University and is now the Manager of Capital Programs for New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority/MTA. Email: msalvato@mtahg.org  4/02

Robert Sutton '91 did graduate studies at Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, New York and at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. He is an independent distributor with Reliv, an import business-RCS Enterprises.

Kelly Knight '92 sent the department a postcard from the Newberry Library in Chicago, having just come from "an exhibition of many of their treasures and was thinking of you all!" Let's hear more of what you are doing, Kelly. Email: lilread@mpco.com 1/02

Nancy Altman 92 writes that she received a Masters in Library and Information Science in 1995 from Long Island University at CW Post and is now working as news librarian for a newspaper. She has been married for 4 years to a fellow New Paltz alumnus, Gregg Lewis, and is expecting their first baby in April 2002. Email: boardmanites@worldnet.att.net  4/02

Ted Nellis '92 currently attends Polytechnic University in Brooklyn pursuing his Master's degree in Construction Management. He is a construction inspector with Brooklyn Union.

Ippeita Nishida '92 Minor, who graduated with a major in Economics as well as minors in Geography, Communications, and International Relations, writes after a long absence: "After graduating from New Paltz, I did an internship at the UNDP Tokyo Liaison office for half a year and then went to the London School of Economics, graduating in Fall 1999, with an MSc in Development Studies. The year at LSE was the most exciting in my entire life, full of intellectual energy and oppportunities to meet with great people. The job I started this month is a human resource management consultancy, called Mercer Human Resource Management Consulting, based in New York. I am in the team to help out global HRM policy for Japanese multi-nationals. But for next half year, I will be going back and forth to Indonesia. So, I am able to see the development from the business side." UPDATE 2003: "I have been visiting China quite often. This is for the client work and most of the time, I go to Shanghai, but last week, I had a chance to visit Qinhuangdao, a local city that is the starting point for the Great Wall at the sea, three hours away from Beijing. It was really exciting to visit the coutryside of China, to see how the town is planned and developed (still being developing). Anyway, at this time and at the time I was looking at the housing patterns from the plane window, I was thinking about your lectures. Well, hope you have great time at the alumni reception, and hope to visit New Paltz sometime soon!"  Email: ippetito@yahoo.co.jp  9/03

Karen Williams '92 is a Computer Instructor & Web Page Designer. She writes recently that she "dabbled in GIS at SUNY Buffalo & SUNY Albany with a 2 year internship at Department of Public Service (just 1 thesis short of finishing Geography Masters with GIS concentration)." She is Co-founder of Stone Ridge Computing, building computers and showing people how to use them, as well as creating web pages. Karen is currently serving on Town of Marbletown Community Development Committee which tries to plan responsibly for future growth. She maintains the web site for the Hudson Valley Sustainable Community Network's Calendar which keeps track of Environmental and Educational type lectures and workshops in the Hudson Valley. Check it out! Email: karenw@srcomp.com  6/00

Dan Wolfield 92  writes that he is a Kraftmaid Cabinetry Sales Rep and that he recently acquired a US Coast Guard Captains License. Email: sosgilligan@aol.com   4/02

Scott Argetsinger '93 is now a Police Officer in Kansas City, MO. After leaving New Paltz, Scott went to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where he received an MSE in Counseling in 1995. Following Wisonsin, he writes, he went to the Kansas City MO Police Academy for 6 months before he was called back to active duty in the US Army. He was sent to Bosnia-Herzogovina as a Peacekeeper for 6 months--"a great deal of fun along with a great deal of hardship," he says. After returning to Kansas City, he completed the Police Academy in November 1996. "On a side note," he says, "no wife, or kids...waiting for a feisty East-coast girl to win my heart!" 3/98

Doug Genzer '93 won two national awards for his "Denver Bike Map" at the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego (August 9-13, 2004). The map won "Best Overall Map" and "Best Cartographic Design: Single Map Product, Large Format" in a competition with more than 1,000 maps from all over the nation. Genzer is currently a GIS Data Analyst at Denver GIS, a planning agency for the city of Denver. His supervisor, Dave Luhan, is also a SUNY New Paltz Geography alumnus (B.A. Geography, '88). A copy of the map is on display outside the Geography Lab, Humanities 310. More information and the conference Map Gallery are available at www.esri.com/events/uc/results/map_gallery_results.html.The award-winning "Denver Bike Map" was created using multiple software packages and operating systems, and was then sent to a traditional offset printer. All cartography was produced using ArcMap 8.3 and 9 Pre-release. The new version of ArcMap enabled exporting of the map panels as CMYK color scheme, encapsulated postscript files. This eased the burden of importing the maps into Quark Express 4.1 and ensured accurate color calibration for the final printed product. The map is printed on Polyart waterproof, tear-resistant paper, an easily readable, user-friendly map that clearly defines the location of current bike routes, bike lanes, bike shops, places of interest, and planned improvements to Denver's bike infrastructure.

Doug said that his next project will involve checking quality control from a 2004 series of aerial photographs of the Denver area. "We're going to be able to do such awesome mapping," he said enthusiastically. Congratulations, Doug! We wish you all the best in your next project! 8/04

Jennifer Girtain-McPherson '93 states her current occupation is that of "mother". She lives in Gardiner, New York.

John Harris '93 tells us that he is living in Marquette, MI, designing and building exhibits at a children's museum He continues, "I also build furniture on commission and hold a Michigan builder's license. Married with a 7 year old son and a chocolate lab. My son is very interested in maps and travel. He was doing US map puzzles when he was three and is taking Spanish classes in hopes of travelling to Spain someday."   4/02

Philip Roeber '93 Minor writes that he has returned to the Mid-Hudson area after four years in Raleigh, NC where he vacationed in the Blue Ridge Mountains, white water rafted in Hot Springs, and hiked along the Appalchian Trail. He is now working as a Sales and Leasing Consultant for Begnal Chrysler Plymouth Jeep Eagle in Kingston, NY. 3/98

Akihiro Ando '94 works as a Customer Service representative for United Airlines at the Kansai International Airport in Japan, but is expecting to move back to Tokyo.

Daniel Byam '94 is a Right-Of-Way Agent for New York State Department of Transportation. He works in the Real Estate Group for Region 8 at the main office in Poughkeepsie, New York. The region covers counties of Columbia, Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Rockland, Putnam and Westchester. Working in property management, he is responsible for surplus property, permits and requests. Also, through regular surveillance and permitting when allowable, he helps control non-premise advertising devices in accordance with Federal and State laws. 1/98

Bill Hurst  '94 graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from Albany Law School, 1997 and is now an attorney practicing in the fields of environmental and land use law and litigation with the Albany law firm, McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams, P.C.
Email: Hurst@mltw.com  5/02

Rob Parrington '94 His memories of New Paltz include spending hours in Professor Mano's lab sessions, discussing everything from sports to politics as they worked on projects, and the study groups before exams. Bob says thanks for talking him into a major in geography, as well as giving him the chance to stay in touch through The LOCATOR. 1/98 Rob updates his entry with the following information: My sons are all boy, boys if you know what I mean, Sean is 9, Ryan is 6, and Colin is 4 now. Everyday is like a new episode of the Little Rascals." 4/02 Until the summer of 2002, Rob was a payroll specialist with the Orange County Department of Residential Health Care in Goshen, but the latest news is that he is doing something now that is much more related to his Geography background: Planning Assistant in the Orange County Department of Planning. Email: IrishRob17@aol  8/02

Lynette Thorne '94 has worked at Dutchess County Planning for about 6 1/2 years where she focuses on community planning, environmental issues, trail planning/ inventory, and anything else that pops up. She also edits the newsletter ("guest planning related articles always welcome!," she adds). Email:  lthorne@co.dutchess.ny.us  5/02

Eoin Wrafter '94 received his Masters of Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Transportation from Virginia Tech in August 1996. His professional affiliations are APA and ITE. Eoin writes that he is currently working on Transportation Modeling and GIS for the Poughkeepsie Dutchess County Transportation Council, still skiing and riding his bike. We saw him regularly at the GIS Users' Group that meets at SUNY New Paltz. He has returned several times to lecture in Jo Mano's graduate Urban Planning course. In November 1999, he gave a presentation in the department's GIS Lecture Series on Autos, Pedestrians, Bicycles: Varieties of Transportation Planning Utilizing GIS (11/99) The year 2000 has been good to Eoin: in March he was promoted to Senior Planner at Dutchess County Planning and Development AND in April he married Paula Morro!  Email: ewrafter@att.net  6/00 A 2002 update: A major financial milestone has happened, we purchased our first home last June in the Town of Poughkeepsie.  We are both very happy and I enjoy all those house repairs that come with home ownership.  The best part is my commute which is about a mile and a half.  In the nice weather I ride my bike to work which is great.  Next is kids :) Email: ewrafter@hvc.rr.com  4/02

Julie Atkinson '95 is a School Library Media Specialist in Massapequa, Long Island, New York. She reports that she is "Unmarried" and is working on her Master's in Library Science at C.W. Post campus of Long Island University. Julie was named Outstanding 1995 Graduate in Geography.

Yasunobu Ogino Minor '95 works for United Airlines at Narita, Tokyo's International Airport

John Barczak 96  is currently a sales representative in New York for Monrovia Growers. Email: jbarczak@warwick.net 4/02

Elise Habra '96 received a graduate certification in Geographic Information Systems, SUNY, Albany in the summer of 1997. She's now working as a Computer Aided Drafting Cartographer for Aero-Geodetic Corporation that provides services of photogrammetry and engineering. She edits the maps after they are compiled by stereoplotters in a digital format. Elise is a resident of Sunnyvale, California.    9/05

Robert Chasan '96 Outstanding 1996 Graduate in Geography Rob completed a Master of Arts degree in Geography and Planning from the University at Albany in August 1998 with a thesis titled "Urban Coastal Zone Land Cover Mapping with Combined Thematic Mapper / Radarsat Fine Mode Imagery: A Quantitative Approach". Rob reports that he is working as a geographer for the City of Scottsdale in Arizona. In August 2002, he tells us that he is co-author of an article "Evaluation of SAR-Optical Imagery Synthesis Techniques in a Complex Coastal Ecosystem" published in the August 2002 issue of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing.   8/02 Rob and a colleague had the opportunity to present a paper at the recent ESRI conference in San Diego entitled "Uses of Viewshed Analysis Models in Planning and Neighborhood Preservation". It has also been accepted for presentation at the upcoming Arizona Planning Association conference   8/05 Email: Rchasan@ci.scottsdale.az.us

Hassan Basagic 97 wrote in July 2002: I was surprised to realize that my graduation was five years ago this May. Since graduation Ive been working in National Parks under various positions: a season in Denali NP in Alaska, a year of AmeriCorps in the Four Corners area of Utah, over two years at Joshua Tree NP, CA. I am currently working at Sequoia-Kings National Park, CA as an Air Quality Technician. Monitoring projects include collecting ozone, UVB, visibility, particulate, and wet deposition data, as well as pesticide monitoring in high alpine lakes. I've been keeping busy the past 6 months with adventures in northern  Japan, the Big Island of Hawaii, and and climbing in El Potrero Chico, México with my good friend Jon Tuscanes. August 2003 Update: "I am spending this summer conducting a pilot project in the Sierra Nevada studying glacial change. I head back to school this fall to earn a masters degree at Portland State University. I will be studying with the geography department to complete an inventory of glaciers within the Sierra Nevada. Since my last update I have enjoyed travel to Dominica and Guatemala. I will be unable to make the October gathering as I head back to school in Oregon. What a change the weather will be there after spending so much time in sunny CA. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the long summer days. I understand you have been working with Mohonk Preserve, how I miss that area. Oh, and keep an eye out for Mars at night, it will be VERY close to earth this month." 8/03 Hassan spent time in Antarctica recently working with the Antarctica Long Term Ecological Research Program in the Taylor Dry Valleys. His work involved assisting measuring glaciers, studying the calving of glaciers, and maintaining weather stations. For more information, visit the department's Current News page. 12/04 Email: hbasagic@yahoo.com

John Hogan '97 sends his best regards to everyone. He tells us that he was recently married to Jennifer Caggiano and is working at a law firm as a Litigation Support Specialist.  Email: jhogan@cgsh.com  10/00

Zita Kobos '97 was named Outstanding 1997 Graduate in Geography. She writes, "I am currently teaching at the Rombout Middle School in Beacon. I teach 7th grade special education students in the inclusion program. While I was still at Mount Carmel in Poughkeepsie, I was nominated for Disney's Creative Teacher of the Year Award. (Didn't win. Darn)  Recently adopted a retired NYS thoroughbred racehorse with a friend and have been busy retraining for trail riding. As soon as I receive my tenure from the school district, I have plans on continuing my education in administration. Email: Witsend216@aol.com  5/02

Michael Miller 97 is currently a Construction Materials Laboratory Supervisor for Tectonic Engineering and Surveying Consultants in Cornwall. Email: elevation99@yahoo.com   4/02

Jennifer Cox 98 writes that she is still at the Regional Plan Association, participating in the many exciting programs, including Lower Manhattan's Civic Alliance (http://www.civicalliance.org) & Creating a Long Island Sound Reserve. I have changed my thesis at Hunter College this past fall to a Remote Sensing Change Detection Project. Last summer, I became a Co-Coordinator of the NYC ARC Users Group. She participated in a collaborative effort among Federal, State, & Local Agencies along with NGO's to create a NYC Web-Based OpenSpace GIS. Take a peek  to view a Web-based GIS! Hope all is well and you are enjoying your new position at SUNY New Paltz. 3/02 Email: MapGirl77@aol.com WEB: http://www.geo.hunter.cuny.edu/~jcox  4/02 Congratulations! Jennifer, on the publication of one of your maps in the May 27, 2002, issue of Forbes Magazine in an article title "Light at the End of the Tunnel" by Brett Nelson and Tomas Kellner. The map, shown at http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2002/0527/122tab.html, illustrates what lower Manhattan will look like in five years, especially in terms of what is buried underground--in the subways.Some of you may have the actual issue of Forbes to look at. 5/02 Breaking News: Jennifer received this year's New York Group Fellowship from the Society of Woman Geographers. The award will be used to complete her Master's thesis in Geography at Hunter College. In her thesis, she creates a land cover model for studying the urbanization of Phoenix, Arizona for a three-decade period. Through their fellowships, the Society of Woman Geographers provides aid to young women studying for advanced degrees in geography or its allied sciences. For more information, visit their Web site at www.iswg.org. 11/02 Jennifer Cox presented a paper "Skin of the Big Apple: Landscape Heterogeneity and the Urban Heat Island of New York City" at the Middle States Division, Association of American Geographers, annual meeting that was held at Villanova University in October 2004. According to the Department's Current News section, "The study created a GIS to examine the statistical relationship between surface temperature and a set of explanatory variables such as land use, and proximity to open space and to water bodies in the New York City area." 12/04

Irv (Don) Hulst '98 tells us that he is now a Geographic Information Systems Analyst in the Planning and Architectural Services Department of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Scottsdale, AZ. He writes "I am learning many things on the tribal government and its operations.  Salt River is a very unique Indian reservation.  Its location puts it in the Phoenix metro area while most reservation fall in rural areas.  The community is watching development very closely and GIS is the perfect tool. I am the sole GIS Analyst in the community but the support is very good with many GIS users." He and his wife Isabel are the proud parents of a daughter who was born on April 24.  5/01  In June 1999, he wrote "Since moving to Arizona I have been hired as a GIS Specialist by EMCON a environmental consulting company. I have been working full time on a project for the Arizona Army National Guard which will use GIS (ESRI MapObjects) in a web based environmental tracking system for varies bases across the state. I have been working on the project from proposal stages and am learning the tricks of the trade. I have been trying to learn as much information as I can. I have been using everything the Geography Department has taught me and it has served me well. Thank you. I have been doing a little bit of everything from digitizing to database design to GIS demos for the people who are GIS challenged. Things overall are going well. I have found some places to go fishing, its a different experience from the waters of the Catskills. I send my regards to all in New Paltz and hope to visit soon. 6/99 Email: don.hulst@saltriver.pima-maricopa.nsn.us

Dan Ninos '98 reports that he is working as a Census 2000 enumerator and living in Shrub Oak, NY. Email:  dgninos@excite.com  6/00

Bob Rockermann '98, Outstanding 1998 Graduate in Geography,  is working as a Census 2000 enumerator--"very interesting ... on many levels," he says, and living in New Paltz. He writes "I commend your efforts toward bringing the geographic community together as a more unified, or at least more connected federation.  I, for one, appreciate all of your efforts to keep in touch with alumni and to include them by invitation in your special presentations and occasional emails.  I hope the Geography Department can continue in this tradition through the years as alumni become dispersed and their pursuits diverse. It will be interesting to see where our clssmates wind up 5, 10, or 25 years from now! Email:  Rarocker@aol.com  6/00

Jonathan Tuscanes '98 has a task oriented GIS position at NewYork City Department of Environmental Protection in Kingston.  1/01 We are pleased that Jon returned to campus on April 18, 2001 to give a talk titled Geography in Action: Hands-on GIS Experience from a Recent Graduate as part of the Department's GIS Lecture Series. 4/01

Deena Wingrave '98 was named Outstanding 1999 Graduate in Geography although she graduated in December 1998. She wrote that she has been teaching in Japan for a year and will be returning to New York for graduate school in Fall 2001. 5/01

Peri Brooks 99 says Hi Everyone! Boy, do I miss New Paltz. I reside in Fonda, NY (40 miles west of Albany). I was fortunate enough to get a teaching position in the Sharon Springs School District right after I graduated and have been teaching third grade ever since. It's the most challenging job I have ever had. I especially love to teach social studies and am certain it is a result of such wonderful/caring professors at New Paltz. I hope to some day teach only social studies at the 5th/6th grade levels. I would love to hear from my professors/friends at New Paltz. Email: perianne@nycap.rr.com  3/02

Mark Northrop '99 wrote in 2001 that he was still in Albany, had worked as an intern at the Department of Environmental Conservation in Albany, and expected to complete his Master's in Urban and Regional Planning  in August 2001 from SUNY Albany. Looking to the future, he said: "I plan on moving out to Colorado in the latter part of the summer, possibly early fall. I'm keeping an eye on jobs out there, looking for either an entry level Planner I position or full time internship in the Boulder or Denver areas. With some GIS and web experience gained at the DEC over the past couple years, I'm now looking for experience out in the planning world." 6/01 UPDATE 2003: Mark writes, "Since completing my planning degree in May of last year and moving out to Colorado in October I have been pursuing a career in urban planning and development. I was recently hired by the Denver Regional Council of Governments as a Planning Technician in their Transportation Department. I look forward to putting all of the experience and education I gained at New Paltz towards my career in planning, now and in the future." 7/03 Congratulations, Mark. We are very proud of you. Looks like your "planning" went well in so many ways!

In May 2004, Mark wrote. "I was recently appointed as the Planning Technician for the Metro Vision Planning and Implementation Service Center, a division of the Denver Regional Council of Governments focusing on land use and development. I will be involved in Metro Vision, the long-range growth plan for the Denver region, maintenance of the Urban Growth Boundary, providing support to the Water Program, and various other planning and GIS-related assignments." 6/04 Email: marknorthrop@msn.com

Robin Sullivan 99 writes, I am no longer living on Long Island. I belong back in the country, so I am now back living at home in Pawling for the time being. I plan to move back over to Ulster County sometime next winter or spring. I am still working for the same company, Navigation Technologies http://www.navtech.com/index.jsp, as a field analyst. My job consists of updating and expanding assigned areas. This means we go out to the area(s) with a GPS and a laptop on hand. Depending on the scope of the project, all roads are driven for location accuracy, street names, addresses, and anything else pertinent to the project. After fieldwork is complete, it is time to enter all information collected, which is done through proprietary software. Since moving back home, I have been working from the Rhinebeck field office. It is quite a change from Syosset! In the fall, I will be attending school once again. I am going to try to mix a GIS certificate combined with Drafting and Design using AutoCAD, which maybe will steer me towards planning or engineering. I am also interested in environmental studies. My mind seems to change every two weeks so I cant say what will happen. Nothing else is new in my life besides what I have mentioned. I am doing well and happy where I am at this moment in my life. I send my regards to everyone from the geography world. Hope you are well Prof Knapp and enjoying yourself. Take care and I will keep in touch! In May 2004, Robin wrote "I have recently moved from NY to Portland, OR. Something I have been wanting to do for sometime. I was able to transfer with NAVTEQ, the company I have been with for the past 3+ years. I am extremely thankful to have been given this opportunity to continue to work as a Field Analylst. Email: rmsullivan1977@yahoo.com  5/04

Stephanie Zychowicz '99 writes, "Hello everyone. A lot has happened to me after graduation. One month after I graduated and three days after my brother got married, my Mother died from colon cancer. As you all know that whole experience was quite devestating, especially tring to finish my senior year while she was sick, but most of you were so generous and comforting.  After that happened, I did not pursue anything but sitting on the couch and tring to stay sane. I then took a position as a preschool teacher in Newburgh. As my life starting getting back on track, I got hired as a case worker for the DSS in Orange County.  I have been there for almost two years and I love it. I am working as a foster care worker. I work with children that are in foster care and try to reunite them with their parents and in most case try to keep them safe from their parents.I am using my geography degree in little ways. I know my way aroung all of Orange County!!!!!! I am currently debating on going back to go to graduate school but i can not finacially do that yet. I just bought a new 2003 Corolla. Well, I could go one forever like a diary but I will spare you a box of tissues. Thank you for all of you dedication and loyalty to your students!! Especially my most favorite English speaking professor, Dr.Mano. Thanks Doc!!!!" Email: stinkpot76@hotmail.com  6/02