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1980's Geography Alumni


1980-1989 Geography  Alumni

Terry Roxann Moore Degraws '80 wrote in 1997 that she has been married 16 years and has two girls, the oldest 10 and the youngest 6, both attending Middletown schools. She is a sub-teacher and home teacher for the Middletown, New York school district. 12/97 Terry-Roxaann Moore 80 is a substitute teachers and home teacher in the Middletown School District. She and her husband James have two children. Email: degraws@warwick.net  4/02

Ron Padula '81 writes that he is a Senior Cartographer with ICOO-Global Imaging Services. 2/98

Jim Collins '82 writes that he is a carpenter/contractor and is building houses, etc. in New Paltz and surrounding areas. He says "Hello to Jo." 2/98

Glenn Hoagland '82 was named 1998 Alumnus of the Year by the Alumni Association Board of Directors at SUNY New Paltz. Glenn continues as Executive Director of The Mohonk Preserve where he provided leadership for a major capital campaign and the building of a new headquarters/visitors' center. Geography grads and their families are welcome to visit Glenn at the Trapps Gateway Visitors Center of the Mohonk Preserve on Rts 44/55 in Gardiner, just below the hairpin turn. Email:  ghoagland@mohonkpreserve.org  6/00

Christina Kazak 82 writes Greetings from NYC! Glenn (New Paltz Geology 82) and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this summer. We have two childrenAlex 18 and Larissa 13. We spend as much time as possible at our home near the Ashokan Reservoir and visit New Paltz and the Gunks often. I have many fond memories of days spent in Professor Jo Manos cartography lab and at the DEC during my senior internship. I also did an internship as a graduate student (Westchester Department of Planning, Environmental Management Council). We cant wait to see all the profs., fellow grads, and future grads at the upcoming reunion. Email: grubic@riverdale.edu 4/02

J. Keith Lee Yamazawa 82  is a computer programmer for an environmental laboratory, LIMS administrator. Email: yamazawaj@bigfoot.com  4/02

Marie Frank Lumb '82 is a part-time assistant legislative aid for Assemblyman Joel Miller in Poughkeepsie. She has two children, a son and a daughter. Her son came in 2nd place, behind a 6th grader in the North Park Elementary Schools Geography Bee last year. Marie has also been taking a few classes at the Institute of Ecosystems in Millbrook and says that GIS sounds quite interesting. She "loves" the Department's 1995-1996 THE LOCATOR newsletter. Marie has come back to campus to take Intro to GIS and regularly attends the GIS lecture series. 5/01 She updates her entry with the additional news: I'm now working as a legal assistant part-time in Red Hook and also attending Marist for the financial planning program. My daughter Jeanette got chosen for the People to People program, started by Eisenhower, for a trip this summer to Europe as an ambassador. Email: Mjfl216@aol.com  3/02

Roger Reece '82 writes that he has "bought a house and moved to New Jersey since last update; it's a nice spread,
feels like small town America, huge contrast from Manhattan.  Call me a 9/11 refuge. Still wanting a 1982 year book; help appreciated.  Lost touch with everyone except one.  Looking to travel regionally; any New Paltz hikers/campers/seers with a plan; clue me in."  Email: Roger_Reece@email.msn.com  9/02

Jennifer Parker Anderson '83 writes that she received a Masters of Community  & Environmental Planning from the University of Rhode Island in 1985 and has been a Senior Planner/Scientist with LFR Levine Fricke in Warwick, Rhode Island since 1988. At LFR, she is  Director of municipal  and regional  environmental  planning;  environmental health and
safety training and ISO 14001 auditing of industrial and commercial clients.  She has been married for 15 years to husband Paul and they now have two daughters, ages 12 and 10.  She adds, " I am a certified Red Cross Instructor and a member of  my hometowns's  Disaster  Response Team, and keep myself from growing moss by competitive cycling. I  have run a couple marathons for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training and as a 4-H Club Leader for my daughters  4-H  group.  I get back to  Wallkill, New Paltz, and the Gunks a few times a year to visit family." Email: Jennifer.Anderson@lfr.com  12/03

Scott Mendelowitz '83 is in real estate and an apartment building owner living in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y. He married Ronit Sassoon and they now have two daughters, Zelda, 10, and Sarah, 6.  4/02

Jean O'Malley '83 received her MFA in 1995 from Vermont College of Norwich University. She resides in Albany, New York and is an Instructor of Photography at Hudson Valley Community College. 12/97

Steve Holloway '84 received an MA degree in 1992 from the University of Montana and currently resides in Missoula, Montana along Clark's Fork of the Columbia. Currently making maps, prints and telling his stories visually, see http://www.tomake.com  He is exploring the boundary between art and cartography through his maps and prints. He is just completing a yearlong study of 40 locations along the Clark Fork River between Milltown dam and old Harper's bridge. He  presented the third in a series of performance maps in autumn at the NACIS XXI Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon, October 3-6, 2001; see http://www.nacis.org. Email: oikos@tomake.com  4/02

Jodie Sleed '84 received her Associate Science Nursing degree in 1994 from Ulster County Community College. She is divorced, a single mother of two boys, Nate and Matt, ages 15 and 11, and is currently working as a school nurse at Phoenicia Elementary School and doing Insurance Physicals as a second job. 12/97

Todd Syska '84 is a self-employed consultant and inventor. Todd, how about some news of your inventions? Email: TODD@SYSKA-INC.COM  6/02

Jerri Bennett '86 (Minor) updated her address but didn't send any news.  7/02

Roy Kasakove '86 writes that he is a Financial Analyst in New York City.  7/02

Stephen Wilson '86, according to a news item from the Department of Information Resources at Syracuse University, died in San Francisco in March 1996. In addition to a BA in Geography at New Paltz, Steve earned a Master's in Cartography from Syracuse. He moved from Houston to San Francisco in 1984. Until 1993 Steve was a manager for McDonnell Douglas Corporation in the Information Systems Division. 12/97

Susanne Sahler '86 touched base with us but didn't send any news. 12/97

Donald Brandinelli '87 writes, "I now work full time for the NJ National Guard as as a Staff Sgt and Instructor at the regional training site- maintenance at Fort Dix NJ. Will be running my 2nd marathon in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 5th; my time last year was 3:53.I now have two sons, as my newest (Nicholas Timothy) was born December 22, 2001. His brother, Zack, was born in October 1997. Hope all is well with you in New Paltz. I hope to see you when I come up next Alumni Weekend. Will Geography have an open house of some sort? Is Professor Glasgow still there?" Email: dbroman64@yahoo.com  4/02

Brad Barclay '88, according to a January 1997 newspaper report, was elected President of the Wallkill Valley Land Trust (WVLT). Brad is a planner with Dutchess County and resides in New Paltz. WVLT is a non-profit community land trust founded in 1987 to protect areas of agricultural, historic, and ecological significance in a ten-town area along the Ulster County segment of the Wallkill River. 12/97

James Campbell '88 is an adjuster in Connecticut. 3/98

Susan Dillon '88 is teaching at Arlington High School, LaGrangeville, NY. 12/97

Dave Glassman '88 sent an e-mail message from Jacksonville, North Carolina where he lives with his wife and "three beautiful boy, ages 10, 5, and 4". Dave is still in the Marine Corps--commissioned soon after graduating from New Paltz--and now flys the largest helicopters in the free world, the Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion. He "extends his appreciation to everyone in the Geo Department for your time and efforts in providing me (and so many others) with an excellent learning environment." He continues "If it were not for my time spent at SUNY New Paltz and the Geography Curriculum, I would certainly not be where I am today. Thanks again." 2/98

David Luhan '88 tells us that he married and moved to Denver after finishing graduate work at New Mexico State University in 1996. Initially he was working as a contractor for the US Army, developing GIS solutions for super fund site remediation. He is now employed at Dames & Moore as a GIS manager, with time spent marketing and developing user applications using Visual Basic and Map Objects. These applications enable clients to access database information and show their query results spatially. So far he has been able to apply his knowledge and skills to projects in Russia, Bangladesh, Mexico and the US, although, he admits, he only visits the sites via aerial photography and Landsat images! 3/98

Christopher Gaunya '89 writes that he is now an acupuncture specialist with a practice in the greater Hudson Valley (Chatham) since late 1999. 3/02 He wrote in 1999 that "My experiences in the geography department opened me up to the world of Asian medicine--you never know where a geography education will lead you. Thank you Ron Knapp, Jo Mano and Linda Greenow for all your support and encouragement over the years. P.S. Acupuncture treatments half price for New Paltz Geography Alumni and Faculty!!"  Email: chris@acuhealer.com

Paul Hunnebeck '89 writes that he is a Database Administrator for the Fleet Tax Center in Kingston, New York. He says, it would be great to combine my DBA background with the Geography or my next love Meteorology; getting itchy for a change. I belong to the Mohonk Preserve and frequently hike with Mohonk singles group. I have also taken up swing dancing and after a year and a half still can't get enough of it (keeps the other side of the brain in balance). The Geography reunion sounds great. Keep me updated on the details.- Email: paulh@ulster.net  3/02