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GeoMAIL Archive: #3-2002



By Judy Wong

Dr.Larry  McGlinn has always liked maps.  He obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Kansas in East Asian Languages and Culture, and Geography, respectively.  His PhD is in Geography from Penn State University.  His research interests include man-made hazards, especially how they affect human populations, Asian immigration to the United States, and the use of GIS in education.  Also, he is interested in the environmental movement, what people thought about the environment in the past, about 200 years ago, to understand peoples concerns about water quality.  He loves the physical environment of New Paltz, such as the rivers and the mountains.  He loves the spring, summer, and fall, especially winter because it is not too bad, unlike Canada.  He would choose to have his vacation near New Paltz, since he likes the physical environment here.  His advice for students:  even if school is not going perfectly there is always a chance to do better in the future.  Dont give up even if school is not going well.  Things will get better if you keep trying.

Larry McGlinn, who joined the Geography Department faculty at SUNY New Paltz in Fall 2001,
will be giving a presentation on GIS titled "Where Are You and Why is This Important?
at the Alumni Reunion on Saturday morning, October 5, at 10:45 a.m.

For more information about Larry McGlinn, visit his homepage

Note from Dr. Greenow, Department Chair: Judy Wong, the author of this biographical sketch, is a junior majoring in Elementary Education at SUNY New Paltz.  Judy came to New Paltz as a freshman, because she had heard that the Elementary Education programs here are very professional. She says, Being a successful elementary school teacher has always been my goal in life and she has worked for four summers as a teacher's aide, which confirmed her commitment to teaching.  Judy is a quick and serious student, and we are certain that she will be a very successful and popular teacher.  Thanks, Judy!

Look for the next GeoMAIL #4-2002 in early September that will have a piece by
alumnus Mike Moran '75
about the GPS system at SUNY New Paltz.
We also hope to list those of you who have registered for the alumni weekend or expressed an interest in coming.

Useful Websites of Interest to Geographers:

    Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, part of the Hudson Valley River Greenway Trail System http://www.gorailtrail.org/mainframeset.shtml

Official US Time Website

Geography Network by ESRI--Access a World of Information

Portals to the World--from the Library of Congress

Thanks to all of you who sent in your favorite websites in the past. Continue to send them!