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General Studies
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Students can declare a major in General Studies by meeting with the advisor for the General Studies program, so long as they meet the GPA requirement of 2.00 or higher. Non-matriculated students transfering into SUNY New Paltz, will need to meet the GPA requirement of 2.50 or higher. 
Students will need to meet with their advisor at least once during the semester to select their classes and receive registration clearance. However, we encourage you to meet with your advisor if you need referrals to campus resources, would like to develop strategies for academic success, or explore academic standing questions.
Students can meet with their advisor both in-person and virtually. It is not ideal to conduct and advising appointment over the phone since the advisor will reference your progress report, the schedule of classes, a GPA calculator, or other advising materials via the computer/screenshare.
While there may be a variety of classes that count toward the different focus areas, this does not imply that they are offered each semester, nor that they are offered online. We try to accommodate our online students with a variety of online courses across most, if not all, of the focus areas. Your advisor can assist in finding classes that work towards your focus areas.
Yes, students can take up to 3 credits in Winter Session and up to 12 credits in Summer Session. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor regarding how Winter and Summer Session classes work towards their major requirements and degree completion.
Students do not need to be full-time to declare a General Studies major. However, students who are financial aid recipients should check with the Financial Aid Office to understand the requirements for them to remain financial aid eligible.
No, we do not offer the BGS490 course during Summer Session. However, students who are intending to graduate over the summer can take the BGS490 course in the Spring, and then complete their remaining coursework over the summer.