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The General Studies Program is currently working on building a Schedule of Classes specifically for General Studies students. However, this has not been completed and the current schedule of classes does not filter out each course by which focus area it satisfies. To provide some guidance, we will link to PDFs that list out each focus area and the list of courses offered for the Spring 2023 semester. These PDFs will be provided mid-March


How to navigate the Schedule of Classes to find General Studies courses:

There are a couple of strategies for General Studies students to review which courses satisfy which focus area. As well as strategies for students to filter out based on modality, date, and time, etc.

How to find courses that satisfy specific focus areas:

To find whether a course satisfies a specific focus you would need to do the following:

  1. Review the Schedule of Classes and select your courses:
  2. Then go to your progress report ( > Advising > Progress Report)
  3. Scroll down to your Major Requirements and review each focus area.
  4. There may be some courses that satisfy two or more focus areas. As an example CMM359 – Communication Among Cultures will satisfy AND Social Sciences AND Global Studies AND United States Studies. However, you will only be able to apply it to one focus area. If you need assistance in choosing which, you may consult with your advisor.

Please note! The Progress Report will list every potential course that could satisfy a focus area, regardless of whether it is offered the semester you are selecting classes. Students should not assume that just because a course is identified as satisfying a focus area that it will be offered that semester, or in the modality of their choice, i.e. seated vs. online.

How to find courses based on modality, date, time, etc:

To filter out courses in the Schedule of Classes based on modality, date, time, etc, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Schedule of Classes
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the parameter of choice.