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Designed to give students a broad range of technical opportunities, the 10,000 square foot metal studio is fully equipped to accommodate most hands-on metalsmithing and jewelry-making practices - from fine work in precious metals to larger scale, formed and welded constructions. The program houses a digital lab with standard support for graphics design and output. We have introduced computer-aided design and manufacture - 3D digital technologies that continues to expand the scope of studio investigations for our Metal majors.

The main room consists of a large and open work space, which includes forming and smithing tools and general machinery such as band saws, drill presses, shears, rolling mills, and grinding tools. 

Adjoining this space are task rooms, each designed for specific processes such as polishing, casting, electroforming, etching, and patination, moldmaking, lasercutting, blacksmithing, and seminar/critique.

Separate BFA and MFA rooms accommodate all majors with individual spaces equipped with soldering stations (oxygen/propane, acetylene, and compressed air), fume exhaust hoods, sinks, workbenches, and storage space. Adjacent to this studio is the basic room, which includes a large enameling area and stations for elective students and beginning metal majors.

A central ventilation system creates safe air quality throughout the entire metal studio.

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