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Curriculum Committee



  • All course and program proposals must be scanned and sent electronically to Curriculum Committee chair Jackie George (georgej@newpaltz.edu), with a copy to the Provost's representative (Valerie McAllister: mcallisv@newpaltz.edu).
  • The original paper copy should be mailed or delivered to the Curriculum Committee chair (Department of English, JFT 714).


To propose a new course:

     For General Education courses: Append a completed GE 4 Narrative Supplement
     to your proposal. For student learning outcomes in each SUNY GE category and
     competency, refer to the SUNY Board of Trustees Guidelines for Approval.

To revise an existing course (NEW FORM - used for minor and major revisions):

Proposals that address minor revisions only may be forwarded directly to the Provost's Office (Valerie McAllister, HAB 802A) after they have been approved at the department and division levels.


A. Cover-signature sheet:

This will serve as page 1 of any program proposal and is used to gather all required signatures prior to the proposal's review by the Curriculum Committee.

B. Majors: Proposing new or revised majors requires use of SUNY's forms, linked below.

In October 2015, New Paltz campus governance approved adoption of SUNY's forms for proposing new degree or certificate programs or revising existing degree or certificate programs.

If you are proposing a new major or proposing to revise an existing major and are unfamiliar with the SUNY forms, please contact Valerie McAllister (ext. 3379 or mcallisv@newpaltz.edu) for guidance. When proposing revisions, you may find it helpful to refer to this annotated program-revision form.

C. Minors

Proposing a new minor or revising an existing minor is a local matter; such proposals are not submitted to SUNY. Please use the appropriate NEW form below, along with the cover-signature sheet linked above.