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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee
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__ Please address all parts of the template for proposing new courses.


__ All syllabi must indicate the relative weight of each assignment in determinations of final grades.


__ Please ensure the title of a proposed course accurately indicates the emphases of its contents; if the title is “general” in orientation, but the content is specific in application, then please change the title to better inform students of what the course really covers.


__ All syllabi must include statements on the college policies of Academic Integrity, Disability, and Weather-related postponements and cancellations.





 __ All Course proposals and sample syllabi for inclusion in GE must directly address the content of the category and the development of a competency:


__ If Effective Expression, Oral, then course proposals and sample syllabi must include at least two, individual, graded presentations; participation in group discussions is insufficient;


__ If Effective Expression, Writing, then the course proposals and sample syllabi must include varieties of graded assignments to develop this competence;


__ If Ethical Reflection, then coursework must provide a variety of perspectives on the contents/issues and avoid imposing any a priori approaches/interpretations;


__ If Systematic Inquiry, then coursework must include an emphasis on the scientific method or methodology approved for the course.


__ All course proposals must indicate how course objectives directly correspond to the GE objectives of the category.


__ All GE courses are subject to assessment at one time or another. SEIs alone are not acceptable for assessing a GE course.


Please try to incorporate Information Literacy as a second competency, if appropriate.



Some categories have specific requirements the course proposals should address:


__ Course proposals and sample syllabi for DIVR should include sources from authentic representatives of the historically, under-represented groups in the subject matter;


__ Course proposals and sample syllabi for NSCI and SSCI must include the competency of Systematic Inquiry;


__ Course proposals for NSCI must also include opportunities for “active learning” (i.e., “hands-on” activities) in their development of Systematic Inquiry (SUNY mandate);


__ Course proposals for USST must include historical narratives on the respective institutions under study (SUNY mandate).





__ Course proposals for the upper division of GE must address the issue of how prior coursework in GE at the lower division helps to prepare students for the upper division courses.


__ Course proposals for the upper division of GE, which are without pre-requisites, should address the issue of “fairness” if the likely enrollees include students without any background whatsoever in the subject matter and students who have extensive backgrounds in the subject matter.


__ If a department/program submits a course proposal for an upper division course in GE when it already has a course in the category at the lower division, then the course proposal should address the issue of who are the likely enrollees in the proposed, upper division course; if they are generally, or exclusively, majors of the de partment/program, and this is documentable by past enrollments, then the course proposal should include a rationale for why the upper division course is appropriate for GE.





__ Please append an “old” major plan of study and a “new” major plan anytime a department/program proposes to change the configuration of its major/minor; if a change in configuration of a major/minor al so affects students from a different department/program, then please notify the relevant chair of the change(s) and secure a signature of acceptance on the coversheet.


__ All program proposals must clearly indicate the links between a pre-requisite, or sets of pre-requisites, and other required or recommended courses.


___ Please outline how students are to progress in multi-disciplinary programs if there are separate tracks of courses and explain how these respective tracks provide equivalent depths of study.


__ If a proposed course from within a college is directly comparable to, or clearly overlaps with, an approved course from another college, then the sponsoring department/program must provide a copy of the proposed course to the appropriate chair and secure a signature of acceptance on the coversheet.





__ Authors of proposals for on-line courses should consult Linda Smith of the Teaching and Learning Center to ensure you are aware of all the technical require ments for teaching and learning in on-line courses.

__ All proposals and syllabi for on-line courses must unequivocally state their policies on how the instructors will respectively evaluate the coursework of students and include rubrics for the determination of final grades.