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Computer Science

Graduate Program Information

The Master of Science Program in Computer Science provides students with a foundation for advanced professional or doctoral work in the field of computing. Courses are offered in programming technologies, theoretical computer science, state-of-the-art application areas and mathematics. Software development takes place on SUN workstations and PCs.

The Program

The program consists of 30 credit hours. To accommodate part-time students, most graduate courses are offered in the late afternoon or evening. The program does not require that the baccalaureate degree be in computer science, but undergraduate qualifying courses are required of those without a computer science background.


Admission Policies

The entrance requirements for the Master of Science Program are

  • A baccalaureate degree (not necessarily in computer science) from a regionally accredited institution with at least a 3.0 (B) average.
  • At least two years of college-level mathematics including statistics, calculus, and linear algebra.

Students who do not satisfy the entrance requirements may be admitted with the condition that deficiencies be removed within a prescribed time limit, usually by taking the appropriate undergraduate courses.


Application Procedures

See the Graduate School Web site for application information.

In addition, have the following sent to the Office of Graduate Studies:

  • Two official copies of your baccalaureate transcript.
  • Two official copies of any transcript listing computer science or mathematics courses you have taken which are not listed on your baccalaureate transcript.
  • Three letters of reference from persons familiar with your qualifications.


Degree Requirements

  • 30 credits in 500-level courses agreed upon by the graduate advisor.
  • A passing grade on a Comprehensive Examination. Students may optionally complete a thesis worth 6 credits towards graduation.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all graduate courses taken at New Paltz.